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fairy dust
Hard water issues with kitchen faucet

Our single stem kitchen faucet has become frozen in place and subsequently corroded with hard water deposits from the untreated cold water supply line. (The rest of the water in the home runs through a softening/iron filter process.) What are the qualities to look for in a new faucet that would make it perform better under these conditions?

I prefer the single stem style but would not object to a single stem that bridges into a two handled tap (like an antique faucet).

Or, alternatively, would it be best to get an under-sink iron filter on the cold water line to prevent the problem in the first place before we switch out the faucet?

Any opinions or past experience with this problem would be welcome and I thank you in advance for your time.


Re: Hard water issues with kitchen faucet

The cold water supply lines are often left unsoftened because the softening process replaces the calcium in hard water with sodium from the softener salt. Sodium is not particularly welcome in the drinking water of persons on restricted salt/sodium diets.

My present and last homes have such an isolated hard water cold supply line and I have never had a problem with deposits. Both homes have had premium faucets with ceramic cartridges.

fairy dust
Re: Hard water issues with kitchen faucet

Thanks for responding. Would you mind telling me what brand of faucet worked for you. I absolutely do understand that you don't want softened water for drinking/cooking but the hardness factor is of course causing the problems. The one we are having trouble with is a Kohler single control kitchen faucet K-169, solid brass construction and one piece ceramic valve is was promoted to be good at dealing with our kind of water and an upper end fixture. Nonetheless it started freezing up after one year and we have had it apart ourselves to clean several times and two plumbers doctor it up to no avail for more than a few weeks.

Re: Hard water issues with kitchen faucet

Koehler make excellent fixtures but IMHO awful faucets. Get a mid to upper grade Delta or Moen and you'll be glad you did for a long time. Get almost anything else and you'll be replacing it with a Delta or a Moen wishing you has done that to start with :eek: Ceramic cartridges are the best way to go with hard water but even these can become scored and leak from built-up deposits over time; the fix is easy and often the parts free if you contact Delta or Moen's consumer hotline. Best service you'll even get if you need it which is another reason to use them :cool:


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