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Glass Bottle Walls

Greetings all,

While traveling Wyoming, I briefly saw a glass bottle wall. I came home and started saving bottles and have accumulated quite a collection that I would like to use to enclose a six by eight California slider. I've built and rebuilt numerous properties and I am comfortable ripping things away to add something lovely.

I would like to know, for insulation purposes, which direction the necks vs. the bottom of the bottle should face? I relish the idea of the bottom of the bottle being a piece of art work inside the existing structure but if the neck/opening should be inside vs. outside please advise and I will adjust my vision.



Re: Glass Bottle Walls

Before the redneck vandals saw it as a perfect rifle target, there was a "Bottle House" in the north of my county. This was long ago before codes and was simply bottles mortared together as if they were bricks. With the bottoms to the outside there was some solar gain on one wall where the sun hit it according to local lore. It would seem that if the open end were outside, water entrance from rain with it's concurrent expansion and freezing would be an issue, as well as leaving you with a great view of any bug nests that might get built in them. The "Bottle House" here never got photographed well and stood for only about ten years, abandoned for the last 4 or so then demolished. 60 years later that lot is still empty and I've passed it dozens of times.

Re: Glass Bottle Walls

I would think in but plugged.

also as a side note if you are looking for donations I could probally keep you a steady supply of wild turkey bottles :D

Re: Glass Bottle Walls

I've seen glass bottle walls in one of my trips in Australia and they look great. Post a picture once you built your wall. Goodluck in collecting loads of bottles. Would you prefer the bottles in same tint color or in random?

Re: Glass Bottle Walls

Please do upload pics of your work and keep giving updates of your progress. I am also interested about the same.

Re: Glass Bottle Walls

I would think you want the butt ed out, so that you aren't getting the outside temperature into the wall as much. If you put the butt end in, I would find some way to plug the bottles to keep the air out. Just pure glass isn't much for insulation.

Re: Glass Bottle Walls

It seems interesting to know your work i am curious to see your work pics than we can give you better idea .

Cheers :)

Re: Glass Bottle Walls

It depends on which end of the bottle you want to look at. In addition to the note above, if you plug the bottle, you will block light from getting into it so it wont be as pretty.

Concrete and glass bottles don't mix well either. I have seen some articles on these over the years, mostly about 30 years ago and there was issues with the concrete shrinking and leaving the bottles loose. This type of wall does not seem to make a good bearing wall either so it needs some type of support. Its more like a giant window than a wall, a window with lots of cracks in it.

Some thoughts, build a conventional wall with lots of windows. Cut the bottoms off of the bottles and sandwich them between two panes of glass. You will have the looks and not have to worry about codes or structural issues.

You could cut the bottom inch or two of the bottle, arrange them on a single pane of glass and then use a thinset with the flexible polymer additive to fill in the space between the bottle bottoms. Make these into floor to ceiling windows and it would look like the wall you saw, but again without the structural issues. Talk about the *** look.

Somewhere up in that neck of the woods (Wyoming or thereabouts) there is a guy who cuts thin slabs of petrified wood and puts them between glass for windows. They are stunning, as is their price tag.

A. Spruce
Re: Glass Bottle Walls

Old thread dredged by a newcomer, no need to reply.

Re: Glass Bottle Walls

When it comes to glass bottle walls these are unique creation that actually make my house complete with decorative and essential stuffs.

Re: Glass Bottle Walls

I second havanagranite's response :). My college buddies and I put up quite the collection a decade ago. Had we saved those and tried collecting bottles from the other party-goers, we'd have a living room, kitchen and possibly dining room wall plan.

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