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French drain

Ground water is leaking under the foundation into the crawl space. I am trying to install a French drain, but not sure how to remove the water. I am on a hill and water is getting trapped in the corner of the house. I dug down to the footer and found a 8 inch opening where a sewer pipe runs through, plus large 4 inch gaps that allows water to run next to it into the crawl space

First question, do I install a drain pipe against the footer, or should it be six inches back from wall with dirt, then rock?

Second, can I install a pipe through the footer where there is already a hole and connect it to the french drain, then use gravity flow with a long pipe and send it to another drain? Or will that just cause water to pool up and leak through some where else?

Third, should I instead install a sump pump, and pump into gutter drains which would cost more money and more work?

I have limited space to dig next to the house due to side walk and bushes. I have dug a trench next to house and down about 5 feet by 2 ft and just at base of footer. Soil is heavy clay, but I am getting nervous about going to much deeper.

Please respond to my 3 questions. Thanks

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