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Estimate for Items on Home Inspection Report

I am in escrow on a cabin in Idyllwild, CA. I wanted to get a ballpark estimate of how much would be required to fix the plumbing issues noted on the home inspection report. Hoping someone could take a look at the list below and give me a general estimate of the total and which item numbers it covers.

Below is a list of repairs & items of note that stood out during the inspection:
1. Asphalt drive appears serviceable however; a complete visual wasn't possible due to
snow & ice conditions. Pic 01
2. Grading appears to have been adequate at the time of construction however, overtime,
soil erosion has allowed for earth (dirt) to come to rest against areas at the rear of the
home as well as portions of the deck structure and corresponding footings. Client has
requested a geological survey to address concerns regarding stability of soil. Pic 02-05
3. Crawlspace couldn't be inspected due to debris under deck where the access point is
located. Also, it appears that the opening to the crawlspace is partially restricted by the
deck joists. Pic 06
4. Fascia at the rear of the home and on the screened porch show signs of deterioration
form exposure and neglected maintenance and should be repaired and re-coated. Pic
5. Shiplap siding on the walls is a fiber cement type and is in serviceable condition.
However, there are a few areas in the rear of the home where the vertical wood molding
pieces are deteriorated from contact with the earth and should be repaired or replaced.
Pic 09-10
6. Doors on storage room at the rear of the home have damage from exposure and need
repair. Pic 10a-10b
7. There are two runs of NMB (non-metallic sheathed cable) the transit from the house
under the deck to the outbuilding. These are exposed and lying on the earth. This wire is
rated for interior use only and should be replaced with a UF (underground feeder)
designated cable, which is suitable for wet locations. Pic 11-12
8. The water circuit that supplies the outbuilding appears to have a leak on the hot water
side. This is evidenced when the valves are turned on and the pipes in question are
charged. The water pressure in the home noticeably drops and the sound of running
water is audible. Also, there's no water is present when the hot spigot in the out building
is turned on. I recommend having the issue further evaluated and repaired by a qualified
technician. Pic 13-14
9. Storage room at the rear of the home has hazardous waste (paint and chemicals), which
need to be properly disposed of. Pic 14a
10. Bottom of the front deck stair risers are in contact with earth and should have the dirt
cleared away to prevent premature deterioration of the wood. Pic 15
11. There is wood debris scattered underneath the deck. This is a condition that encourages
pests (termites and carpenter ants) that can be harmful to the existing wood structure. I
recommend having the excess wood debris removed. Pic 16
12. Some deck posts are tilted and off center. This appears to be from a shift in the footing. I
recommend having the affected posts re-seated by a qualified tradesman. Also, the
ledger attaching the deck to the home is undersized (ledger boards are typically 2'X8" -
these appear narrower in width than the joist that they support). They should also be
attached to the home's rim joist by 1/2" lag screws with washers and spaced apart 1" for
each foot of joist span. Pic 17-18a (see Deck Handout)
13. Many of the footings are covered by earth. This condition will accelerate deterioration of
the wood members supporting the decks. Pic 19-22
14. Tread boards are a synthetic "Trex" type composite. There was ice & snow covering
much of the surface but was could be seen appeared serviceable. No Pic
15. Handrails overall appears serviceable but the horizontal cabling is loose in some areas
and needs to be re-tightened to insure its utility. Pic 23
16. Screened Porch’s subfloor is not built to code and contributes to an uneven surface. This
can be remedied by installing more floor joist to fill in the spacing. Pic 24
17. Screened Porch roof framing isn't to code and contributes to an uneven surface. 4x4
lumber with a 32" spacing has a 9'3" allowable span. This span is 11' with a 39" spacing.
I recommend having the issue further evaluated and repaired by a qualified tradesman.
Pic 25-27
18. Screen door off the front deck is damaged and need replacing. Pic 28
19. No domestic water shutoff was observed at the house. I recommend having on installed
at the regulator at the SE corner of the home Pic 30
20. All water heaters have a pressure/temperature (P/T) relief valve that is galvanized steel,
hard-drawn copper, or CPVC. The valve shall be drained to the exterior, terminate toward
the ground maintaining between 6" and 24" of clearance from the ground, and point
downward. The diameter of the valve opening (generally 3/4") must be maintained to the
termination of the drain. Relief valve drains shall not terminate in a crawl space or an
over-flow pan. No part of such drainpipe shall be trapped or subject to freezing, and the
terminal end of the drain shall not be threaded. (CPC 608.5) I didn't see any evidence of
the PRV draining to the exterior of the home. No Pic
21. If located in an attic or furred space (i.e. closet) where leaking could cause damage to
underlying wood framing, the water heater must be set in a pan constructed of water tight
corrosion resistant material. The pan must be fitted with a minimum 3/4" drain that drains
to an approved location. The P/T line is not allowed to terminate at this pan or be
connected to it. (CPC 507.4 and 507.5) Pic 31
22. All circuit breakers were tested for load balance. A few breakers had a differential of 5-6
volts. This usually indicates that these breakers are worn and should be replaced. I
recommend having this issue serviced by a qualified tradesman. Pic 32 (normal)-
23. Heating unit in Living Room has current but wouldn't stage on. Recommend repair by a
qualified tradesman. Pic 34
24. Laundry valves in Laundry #1 appear operational but are missing their shut off handles.
Pic 35
25. Window on the N. side of the Laundry #2 outbuilding structure has a cracked
windowpane. Pic 36
26. Door in Laundry #2 outbuilding structure has a damage thumb turn on the inside knob.
Pic 37
27. Plumbing riser on the cold-water side in Laundry #2 outbuilding structure is leaking and
needs repair. The drywall is cut away which is probably due to the leak. Also, there is
mold growing on the surface of the same wall. This mold can be cleaned using a mild
bleach solution. However, it would be prudent to remove the affected drywall and check
the insulation for damage. Finally, there isn't any water present in the hot water riser,
which I believe is related to the plumbing issue discussed in Exterior-Plumbing. Pic 38-39
28. Microwave in the kitchen is installed over the range but isn't energized. Electrical codes
require that all wire connections or cable splices be inside an approved metal or plastic
box. The splice for this appliance is exposed in the cabinet above the appliance. I
recommend having the issue resolved by a qualified tradesman. Also, I recommend
installing a cap on the left over exhaust vent to eliminate cold air from seeping in. Pic 40-
29. The French style door that exits the kitchen onto the side deck is operational. However,
the trim molding above the doorjamb on the exterior of the home appears to be allowing
water and moisture in. This is evidenced by the bubbled paint along the top of the jamb.
This should be repaired to ensure the integrity of the jamb. Pic 42
30. The left side kitchen sink flange and drain pipe is leaking and needs repair or replacing.
Pic 43-44
31. All 125-volt, single-phase, 15- and 20-ampere receptacles, which serve counter top
surfaces, installed within 6' of a wet bar sink or kitchen sink, shall have GFCI protection.
(Article 210-8(a)(5), 1993 NEC) This outlet isn't protected. Also, the outlet in the cabinet
under the kitchen sink wouldn't energize. These issues should be repaired by a qualifies
tradesman. Pic 45-46
32. Kitchen cabinets are functional but the sink base has some visible signs of water
damage. Pic 47
33. Lavatory in Bath #2 is operational but the stopper linkage is disconnected and needs
repair. Pic 48
34. In dwelling units, a smoke detector shall be installed in each sleeping room and at a point
centrally located in the corridor or area giving access to each separate sleeping area.
(Section 310.9.4, 1994 UBC) Smoke detectors are needs in each bedroom. No Pic
35. CBC Section 420.4.3 "..........Carbon Monoxide alarms required by Sections 420.4.1 and
420.4.2 shall be installed in the following locations:
1. Outside of each separate dwelling unit sleeping area in the immediate vicinity of the
bedroom (s).
2. On every level of a dwelling unit including basements.
3. For R-1 only. a. On the ceiling of sleeping units with permanently installed fuel-burning
This home requires two units one on the first floor hallway and one at the top of the stairs.
No Pic
36. Wood stove insert in Living Room is in need of cleaning repair. The secondary tubes are
installed upside down and the jute door gasket is damaged. Also, the circulating fan isn't
functioning. Pic 49-51
37. Drain for laundry #2 doesn't appear to have any atmospheric venting. Pic 52
38. Roof on Outbuilding hasn't any protective flashing to keep moisture from wicking into the
roof s

A. Spruce
Re: Estimate for Items on Home Inspection Report
A. Spruce

There are two kinds of pest companies, those that only inspect and spray chemicals, and those who also do the pest work in-house, the latter is always the better way to go because along with their pest reports they will give you a bid sheet with line item pricing. The advantage here is that you can tell by their pricing how extensive the damage is, which is very helpful, as reports are usually less than precise in the extent of damage called.

As for pricing, the only way for you to know will be to have several local independent contractors come in to look at the work. Beyond that, we're just guessing because we do not know labor or material rates in your area.

One last note, you will have to pay a reinspect fee if the pest company doesn't do the work themselves, if they didn't provide you with a bid sheet, then this is a given anyway. It is also important to note whether the pest company is including painting as part of their estimate, depending on how busy they are and how much they need the work, they may or may not include painting. When I was doing pest work, it usually wasn't difficult to beat the pest company's bid sheet, particularly if they did not include paint.

Re: Estimate for Items on Home Inspection Report

- Did you purchase this house "as is" or is the seller paying for some/all of the repairs?

- Are you knowledgeable in various trades or will be relying on sub contractors to repair and bring the items above to code?

Your answers will help us direct you.

Re: Estimate for Items on Home Inspection Report

It is virtually impossible to give an accurate price with out walking the job, but a very vague price would be as follows #8 250
#20 100
#21 100
#27 250
#30 100
#33 100
#37 250
total $1150
I would expect the final job plumbing only to cost $1000 to $ 1500. A good plumber would need to walk the job and every time one opened up a wall or floor new stuff would be found. It sounds to me like the house was very poorly maintained and it would expect to find many more surprises.


Re: Estimate for Items on Home Inspection Report

I think that Bill is talking about materials only here...labor will add more, much more, considering your remote location.

Can you load some pictures via a host like photobucket.com ? I want to see this cabin and its condition.

Re: Estimate for Items on Home Inspection Report
dj1 wrote:

I think that Bill is talking about materials only here...labor will add more, much more, considering your remote location.

Can you load some pictures via a host like photobucket.com ? I want to see this cabin and its condition.

DJ1 no this includes labour and material. I think a lot of this stuff is about an hours work with some material but then i never say the job. so i could be very wrong.

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