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Electric incoming water shutoff valve

We have a house in Cape May, NJ that is primarily used in the summer. It is a one story house with a crawl space and Polybutylene plumbing and I am told cannot be wrapped with heat tape. During these cold months when we are not there I am concerned about the pipes freezing. Is there an electric shut off valve that can be turned on and off from inside the house that would shut the water off at the main?Any help is appreciated.

Re: Electric incoming water shutoff valve

I have purchased automatic shutoff valves for washers from an plumbing manufacturer called Watts. They specialize in all types of valves ... you may want to contact them to see if they may be of help. Their URL is: http://www.watts.com/pro/_products_sub.asp?catId=64&parCat=83
Good Luck

Re: Electric incoming water shutoff valve

Why do you need an electric valve? Why not just install a manual ball valve.

Re: Electric incoming water shutoff valve

If you use an electric valve for this purpose, you will need a power open/power close type. If you don't you will be wasting electricity to hold it open all the time you want the water on, it would have to be a continuous duty valve, and if there is a power failure you will have no water.

Re: Electric incoming water shutoff valve

Go to my website at innovativewaterconcepts.com. I have a new product that is patent pending. The install kit comes with a 3 easy step instruction manual. My new product is called a Water Meter Deleter. It is an Indoor Electronic Water Shutoff.

Re: Electric incoming water shutoff valve

great video of installing valve
ball valves

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