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Do you insulate a full brick house?

Ok, I'm hoping I can get a straight answer here. I'm trying to find out if you need to insulate a full brick house? We just bought brick house and we're wondering if we should insulate it? Sometimes I feel like I'm asking a stupid question...but the only reason I even started to question it was because a friend of mine bought an old stone house...he's restoring it and he did some online research and he found some places saying not to insulate it at all and others saying to insulate it well.

If you do need to insulate...what's the best way to go and maybe the second best?

Please help me find the right answers. We just want to make a nice home that will last a good long time for kids & hopefully someday - grandkids. We want to save on heating on cooling bills...they're just crazy. Our electric company charges more to deliver the electricity then the usage charges amount to. I do have pictures of the wall that's uncovered if you need to look at it. Thanks so much!

Re: Do you insulate a full brick house?

All homes benefit from insulation. Solid masonry homes are no exception. I have seen builders go as far as installing 2" rigid foam insulation between the inner & outer courses of masonry. (Most solid masonry homes in this area consist of a CMU interior with a brick or stone veneer.) I recently built a solid masonry group home where the architectural specs called for an unbroken layer of 2" polyisocyanurate insulation, with a stud wall built inside of that. This was taking things to extremes, but it helped the owners qualify for some grant money for the overall energy efficiency of the building.

I'm going to assume that your solid masonry house would have wood firring strips on the interior, leaving room for electric wires, CATV & phone wiring, etc. The firring strips usually don't leave much room for insulation (typically 1 1/2"). Spray-in-place foam would give you your best R-Value, with sprayed in cellulose coming in second. Rigid foam would give a pretty high R-valus, but is difficult to install effectively in a firred out wall. There is a commecial product available called Z-firring, which is a metal firring strip that is installed in conjunction with 1 1/2"-2" rigid insulation. This would work well in your case (though your electrician may not like it).

Re: Do you insulate a full brick house?

You will benefit from insulating the home. Insulation adds dollars to your pocket, and not the utility companies pockets.

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