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cracked abandoned cast iron vent pipe

I saw an episode where the guys fixed exactly what we have. I'd love to see it again so i can fix ours. In our basement is an abandoned cast iron vent pipe, the pipe is cracked into the cement. We are getting sewer smells from it and want to redo the poor cap job and fix the crack. The pipe just crumbles when you put any pressure on it. In the episode the guys put a smaller diameter pipe inside the cast iron past the crack. Then a larger diameter piece of pvc outside the pipe. They attached the outside piece to the cast iron and the smaller pvc and the capped the smaller pvc. I remember the concept but need to see clip again for execution. With out the clip any tips on excution would be great.

Re: cracked abandoned cast iron vent pipe

It is against all plumbing codes to reduce the size of any DWV pipe other then a closet bend. No mater what clip you saw. I have seen many things that Rich has done that were not permitted under plumbing codes.


Re: cracked abandoned cast iron vent pipe


My suggestion: replace the old cast iron pipe or the broken section, with the same diameter ABS.

To go from cast iron to ABS, use flexible couplings.

Re: cracked abandoned cast iron vent pipe

The vent pipe was for kitchen plumbing that hasn't existed for over 70 years. The pipe was capped at some point but the seal on the cap is broken because of the crack. It looks like different epoxies have been used on the outside of pipe to attempt to seal it over the years. We currently have plastic and duct tape covering the pipe. I tried to remove the cap to replace it at one point and the pipe started to crumble. The pipe only sticks about a foot and a half out of the cement floor with the crack going past the floor.
I can't cut past the crack. I can't put any pressure on the pipe without it crumbling. And plastic and duct tape is not my idea of a solution.
Using the smaller pipe to support the old pipe so it didn't crumble and still sealing the whole mess up like they did in the clip is what I need, unless anyone has a better idea.

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