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cons on using PEX

I am in the process of finishing my basement and will be adding a wet bar.I'm not very expierienced in plumbing and have looking at this PEX stuff.It seems like an easy way to do plumbing.Too easy in fact.So what are the cons of using this stuff?

Re: cons on using PEX

If you like sweating pipe you won't get much of a chance with PEX

If you don't like running home runs 300' + then PEX ain't for you.
If you like spending big bucks on copper...PEX ain't for you.

The only neg I can think of is having to spend over $300 for the expander tool if you don't do a ton of plumbing...but I ended up spending $90 for a crimper instead and I crimped all my connections.

Re: cons on using PEX

Here's a thought . Invest in the tools , then sell them on EBAY when you are finished .

Re: cons on using PEX
djohns wrote:

Here's a thought . Invest in the tools , then sell them on EBAY when you are finished .

I "almost" did that comcerning the expander for PEX but I knew I'd hardly get close to my money back so I went with the crimpers for under a third of the cost...
Sell one of my tools? ARE YOU NUTS OR SUMPIN'!!:eek:

Re: cons on using PEX


No plumbing material is perfect and for all its merits......neither is PEX.

The downsides of PEX are ......

1- Rodents seem to love the stuff. Given the opportunity, they'll chew on it like it was cotton-candy.

2- Biofilm formation. This is particularly true for seldom used runs and dead-end runs on non-chlorinated potable water systems. Every run from a manifold in a home-run system is actually a dead-end run. Think legionaire's disease. Consequently, if you don't have a chlorinated water supply you'd be well-advised to sterlize/shock the entire system every year.

3- Already mentioned....The tools to fasten PEX are kinda pricey....as are the fittings....if they are of good quality. (I personally prefer the Wirsbo/Uponor expander system over the crimped-ring type of connections) If you're only running PEX to this one basement bar.......you be better off borrowing or renting the tools or using the shark-bite fittings instead.

(4- PEX does not get along with UV........at all. Avoid using it where sunlight will strike it or storing it in a similar situation)

If you should buy an expander tool or a crimping tool, you must use the fittings and/or crimp rings from that specific manufacturer. IOW, if you buy the Wirsbo/Uponor tool, you must use their fittings and if you buy one of the several brands of crimping tools, you must use their fittings. Plumbing supply houses will be the source for Uponor while DIYer/big-boxes will carry some of the other brands of tools and fittings. See who carries what before you buy. And unfortunately, even if big-box X carries brand X now....there's no guarantee that they will a month from now. Plumbing supply houses will be more steadfast in their offerings because they supply the plumbers in the area.

(The cheap PEX tools found at some big-boxes such as Sioux Chief brand are worth far less than you pay for them. The fittings and rings are comprised of very cheap metals and their crimping tools don't last. I've seen the results of leaks/failures from these cheap tools/fittings firsthand. Avoid them is my advice.)

If you're not that familiar with PEX......here's a little primer video.

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