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Cold water pipes in basement walls

Our Cold water pipes "sweat" and drip water in the basement. Usually most of this is caused when constantly running water for the 2 outdoor faucet lines (Got to keep watering the new grass seed).
The entire house is on the PEX pipe system so each faucet has it's own separate line.
I have begun putting the pipe insulation tubes over most of these lines to see if that stops most of the sweating, but I have some concern about the section of pipe that is sealed inside the basement wall.
One of my outdoor lines goes across the basement ceiling, down into a section of interior wall, and then out thru the wall of exposed basement. Both the small section of interior wall, and the exterior basement wall are insulated and drywalled shut.
Will this pipe continue to "sweat" inside these walls while the water is running? or will the pipes only sweat in the areas where they are exposed to the basement air?
I'm a bit concerned about mold/water damage inside these walls if the pipes are sweating in there, but I dn't want to tear the wall open just to look and see.
Anyone here deal with this before?

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