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Closing off crawl space from rest of basement?

I am renting in a fairly old house which has a leaky basement (which I hope to have alleviated somewhat by making sure the gutters are working properly, and will be getting a dehumidifier) that has an adjoining crawl space, which is dirt floored and opens into the basement. I am thinking of doing my best to deal with the moisture by vapor sealing the crawl space. Once I do that, can I close it off from the main part of the basement? Or should it remain open to let air flow? I haven't been into the crawl space yet to see if there are vents. Thanks, hope someone sees this and can offer some advice.

Re: Closing off crawl space from rest of basement?

Generally speaking, a crawl space must be vented.

Fix the source of the water leak ASAP. You don't want a continuing wetness problem that will lead to mold.

Re: Closing off crawl space from rest of basement?

Many half-basement houses have a separate crawl space beside them. So long as the crawl space is properly vented and accessible you shouldn't have any problems. Whatever you use to partition off the space, be sure it's something meant for underground use, and that it seals between the two sides completely. Concrete block would be ideal here, with wood at the top where needed (PT where touching masonry). I'd also waterproof the far side up to ground level or higher. As long as there's no wiring or plumbing involved it could be a large but relatively easy DIY project that could be spread over time if you like. It's an idea I like!


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