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Can galvanized pipe be welded to fittings?

Can I MIG weld a threaded galvanized steel pipe to a galvanized malleable fitting?

This is not a plumbing project, but I am building a small 1/2" pipe ladder for a dock (only 2 rungs). Most of the fittings will be threaded together, but by design, the joints of the upper ladder rung cannot be twisted together. I have ground down both the male and female threads, so the pipe slips into the fitting. It would be nice to run a weld on this (although, the rung is very tight and not going to have any structural benefit to the ladder). Another idea is just to epoxy the joint to help seal it and possibly keep water out.

Thanks for any info.

Re: Can galvanized pipe be welded to fittings?

As long as the metal isn't too thin to weld you should be fine.

A. Spruce
Re: Can galvanized pipe be welded to fittings?

Yes, you can weld galvanized pipe, but be warned, toxic fumes will result, so DO NOT breath the smoke. Do the welding outside and do it with a fan to the side of the work to blow the fumes away from you.

For the record, you can actually buy reverse threaded fittings and pipe - at least this was something once available for situations such as yours where conventional threads won't work. I would guess that you'd purchase such a beast from a supply house, not a big box. If all else fails, you could probably buy reverse dies and cut your own threads. Just a thought to consider.

Re: Can galvanized pipe be welded to fittings?
Re: Can galvanized pipe be welded to fittings?

I was going to chime in to the original poster that I had made a boat dolly out of galvanized pipe AND had the joint fittings welded w/o any problem...but I was always looking for an alternative for my second dolly design. Now I see Gizmo's reply. These look great! Gizmo, have you used these? My dolly has to support a longer boat/canoe that weighs about 300+lbs. Are these fittings heavy duty enough in high strength situations?

Re: Can galvanized pipe be welded to fittings?

Gizmo's suggestion is a good one. I've seen these colorful connectors, which come in different versions, in the playgrounds in city parks and McDonald's playlands., where I'm sure they take tons of abuse, and still safely standing.

Re: Can galvanized pipe be welded to fittings?

Ive never used them but a freind of mine has. He constructed a ladder for his dock out of them. From what I remember he filed a couple flat spots in the leg of the pipe for the set screws to keep the fitting from sliding down when someone steps on the rung.Good idea I thought.

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