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Can bleach cause plumber's putty to fail?

I had an odd thing happen and I wonder if anyone knows anything about this.

A few months ago I was soaking some things in my kitchen sink with water with some bleach in it. I came back later to find a massive leak from that side of the sink. I drained out the water and put a bucket under the sink to catch the leaking water until I had time to fix it. When I had water in the sink again it leaked a little more but not very much. Over the next couple days the leak went away. I kept the bucket down there just in case. It has not leaked again.

The only thing that makes any sense to me is that the bleach in the water made the plumber’s putty more permeable and allowed the water to leak out. Has anyone else experienced this?

Re: Can bleach cause plumber's putty to fail?

i have never heard of this before. but i think it would be a pretty cool thing to try out. i know some of the plumbers around my area have switched to clear silicone caulk instead of plumbers putty. but, hey, whatever.

Re: Can bleach cause plumber's putty to fail?

only thing I can figure is that the plain water kind of rinsed out what was in there and allowed it to reseal. I didn’t bump anything, I didn’t put anything extra heavy in the sink, everything was just “normal” except for the bleach.

If it leaks again I will replace the putty.


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