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Bathroom sink leaks 12 oz after vacation, huh

When we leave the house we turn the gas hot water heater down to the lowest setting, and the thermostat down to 55 degrees. When we return we find a puddle of water, 12 ounces under the sink. Its does not occur at any time except when adjusting settings on the furnace and water heater and leaving the house. When we come home the pan which we place under the sink has water in it but the surrounding pipes and the under side of the sink is completely dry. My first thought is some kind of condensation, BUT 12 ounces???? It never leaks when we are at home. NEVER

See attachement for view of sink set up.

Timothy Miller
Re: Bathroom sink leaks 12 oz after vacation, huh

got any pets or friends with weak bladders???
Clean up water an see if leaking when you use it. Plumbing leaks are not magic but far to often happen when you are away from home. Next time turn off the water main to the house so if any failures the amount of water spilled is tiny ...

Re: Bathroom sink leaks 12 oz after vacation, huh

Thanks Tim , not a bad idea, but I don't want my water heater to drain itself. It think it might do so if I turn off the main. Besides this is the same amount of water on only one faucet. What could be causing a leak? Makes no sense. It does not leak when used.

Anyone have any idea what might be happening?? thanks

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