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basement support beam

Hello All,

We have steel basement beam supports (from basement floor to ceiling) in our basement and the previous owner had welded pieces of 'L' shaped steel on half of them (for shelving - used 2x8's stretched across). We want to remove these 'L' brackets, but I'm not a welder and don't have a clue how to remove. Can these be cut off with a grinder or sawed off? Would I harm the beam if I did that? We're planning on closing in the basement, as well, we fear our kids will run around in the basement and get clotheslined until then, so at this point it's a safety issue. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

thank you,

Re: basement support beam

You should be able to cut them off with a grinder or reciprocating saw (sawzall) with a metal cutting blade. Grinding will be faster but you need to be careful of the sparks that they don't cause anything to catch fire. Just be sure to cut the welds and not into the posts. Afterward you should prime and paint to prevent any rust from developing. If you aren't comfortable cutting to close to the post you could just cut off the angle iron that is in the horizontal position. Hope this helps you out.


Re: basement support beam

Yep .... definitley a saftey hazard with kids running around..... getting clotheslined is one thing but those corners are deadly.

To add to Sabo's post .... if you use a sawzall you wouldn't be cutting the welds on the angle iron welded to the posts .... that will be the use for the grinder.

Consentrate on the weld bead and toward the angle iron as a margine of error.
You won't need to grind the welds completely off just to the point they are down enough to use a hammer on the back side of the angle iron to break it free.

Make sure to wear work gloves .... definitely wear eye protection maybe even a face shield and ear plugs while grinding.

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