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Basement Flooring.

After finishing many projects in my place, I'm thinking it's time to do the floor in the basement. It's a 40's house with a fairly dry basement. Humid in the summer, but rarely any standing water. Only once in the year i've been in the house after a week and a half of solid rain, There was a small trail of water that lead to the french drain which dissipated after a few hours.. So we're pretty lucky.

I'm looking into some of the floating floor solutions out there, and I was curious if you all have recommendations. I'd like something with a light wood finish like cork or bamboo, or a light stone.


Re: Basement Flooring.

since you have had some water, i think you put some sort of barrier between your floor and concrete floor, so any other seepage would be able to flow underneath and go out the drain. one product that i am looking for doing mine is platon. it's the same stuff they use on walls exterior before backfilling. it's only 1/4" thick and dimpled so you have air gap and a way for water to flow under it. just need to put osb on top then do your flooring. www.systemplaton.com
check it out and decide for yourself.
i'm sure you'll get other responses to your ?

Re: Basement Flooring.

Yeah. That looks like a nice barrier. It looks like my water problem comes from the cement blocks not the floor, still, I'm looking at floating solutions out there that have channels on the bottom to allow water to flow like the dimples on the platon.

I look forward to what others have to say.

I'm curious about installing the materials, my basement has wood paneling, do you run your flooring solutions under the paneling, or just upto it.?

Re: Basement Flooring.

usually on installing any subfloor you leave a 1/4" gap all way around. leaving room for expansion.
here is a couple of other sites you can check for your sub floor
www.dricore.com it"s made in 2'x2' panels with same as platon base for water to run underneath and a rough finish top board. in a tongue and groove installation.
the other is www.buybarricade.com it's also made in 2'x 2' panel but has a grooved 1" xps base.

Re: Basement Flooring.

That looks like a cool product. According to internet chatter it looks about 7 bucks a panel.. Though it's about 7/8th of an inch thick. It would be great to find something thinner.. Like thermal dry.

On an interesting direction, I see a few companies produce a product with both subfloor and finished top together. http://www.shop.freestyleflooring.com/category.sc?categoryId=5 It's a bit more than I wanted to pay.. but I'm still looking! :)

Yeah, I've seen that you want to leave room for expansion. That makes sense, to avoid buckling. My assumption is that it would make a cleaner install to run the flooring under the wood paneling leaving room for expansion, but what a pain to have to cut an inch of the bottom of the entire room... So maybe I'll just pull off the base board and run it up to that..

This was a nice article:

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