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Basement floor leveling?

Hi there,

I have a 90 year old home and I have just finished gutting the basement so I can now begin thinking about how to "finish" it. I have noticed that the original floor varies in its condition, level and smoothness. I would like to level it and give it a smooth finish. At the moment, I do not want to put any type of flooring down (carpet, tile, etc.). Someone told me to use the concrete floor leveling compound to level it out and give it a smooth finish, but can I use that as a permanent floor? It seemed to me after my research, that the floor leveling concrete is only used if you are putting a sub-floor, etc. on after.

Breaking apart the old floor and re-pouring is not an option. I am also looking to smoothen out the walls too, but I figured one thing at a time...

Any recommendations as to where I should begin??? Thanks.

Re: Basement floor leveling?

We are assuming the old floor is ceement? Do you want flat or level or smooth? There is a difference in each.

Self leveling compound doesn't go very far and is $30 a bag. You can add washed gravel as filler, but its still a daunting proposal.Yes you can use SLC as a wear surface. It will be very smooth and tight.

Another option is using 'deck mud' or 'drypack' which is a very dry mixture of sand and portland cement only. A bonded mud bed would have to be no thinner than 3/4" You can get a perfectly flat, level floor with a skilled installer. Or crew if its large enough.

Re: Basement floor leveling?

Honestly, I would like it flat first, then level (in priority order). After pulling up the slightly rotted subfloor (previous owner used the wrong materials, etc.) I have several holes from concrete nails and of course some cracks and divots to repair.

Is it just better to put a new subfloor down and level it while doing that? Is that easier...here's the catch though - my ceiling is only about ~6'5" high... so, I'd have to put a very low profile flooring system down...that's why I thought leveling the concrete would be easier - but it actually might not.

My goal is to do this myself in a timely manner (LOL)...personally, I thought about putting in some sort of sub floor, putting in carpet tiles eventually, and reframing the walls too, however, I guess I need to start with the floor first I suppose.

Sorry to sound long winded, but there are so many "issues" in my old house, that I am beside myself as to a starting point...

Thanks for the suggestions...keep em coming :)

Re: Basement floor leveling?

AFAIK, you can order SLC by the truckload from some batch plants, and they can deliver it to the basement with a pumper truck (or gravity).

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