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basement floor drains filling basement with water

i have a house built in 1952 and it has two floor drains in each room in the basement and about once or twice a year when we recieve alot of rain, water starts coming up out of the floor drains, I am not sure where it is coming from or where the drains even go? any ideas/help would be great. thanks

Re: basement floor drains filling basement with water

The floor drains of that era used to be tied to a dry well somewhere in front or the back of the house, sometimes they used to go to the city sewers also, you need a plumber to scope the drains with a camera to see where they go. I had the same problem when I first bought my house and found out the hard way after 8 inches of water came up in my basement after 3 weeks of back to back rainstorms and the groundwater rose too high. I found the dry well in the middle of the basement they just cemented the floor over it and filled it with gravel, so I had to install a sump pump to pump the water from those drains, and the dry well outside, I haven't had a problem since I installed the sump pump, I would reccommend this because if you keep items in your basement, or use it for living space you don't want dirty water coming up from down below, check with your plumber a quick investigation will tell what type of issues you have, once you fix it its done, and you will have some peace of mind! Good Luck!

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