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Bad WPR, Stuck House shut off, Water heater bad

Main shut off valve for the whole House is stuck. And the WPR is not working anymore. I cannot turn the shut off valve. How do I loosen it up. And the Water Company shut off is also an issue. Does not completely shut off. I am sure the WPR caused my water heater problem. And now the water pressure is at 95PSI. And I cannot shut off that main valve to replace it. HELP !!!
And I really have limited funds right now. Barely can afford the water heater replacement. What would I be expecting the costs to replace or loosen up the Valve and replace/repair WPR !

Re: Bad WPR, Stuck House shut off, Water heater bad

I hate to tell you, but there is no free repair for your situation. Except the main shut off valve BEFORE the water meter, which probably belongs to the water company.

In my city, they would come out and replace a bad main shut off to the meter for free, but it takes them weeks to do it. So what I do is: unscrew the water meter (not completely, you don't want dirt into the line) and let the water drain in the meter box. Now that there is no water reaching the house, I quickly replace the main shut off to the house, and once I do that, I can remove the water from the meter box, re-tighten the water meter connection and work on the water heater.

All the other repairs you need will cost you money.

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