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Backup sump pump

What is the best way to backup your sump pump when the power goes out?

Re: Backup sump pump

Well there are a few factors that you should consider when choosing either a battery backup or a city water powered sump pump. First and foremost of course would be do you have city water? If you are on a well the water powered one will not work since your well will not work with no electricity. I'm guessing however that you do have city water though.
Other things to consider would be how often the sump pump needs to run in the worst storms and how long power is lost for. If your pump runs pretty much continuously you might get 24 hours out of a 2 battery system. If it runs only every 5 to 10 minutes you might get 3 or 4 days out of the same system.
The water powered will work as long as the city water supply is working and strong enough. A thing to keep in mind with the water systems is that you are now ejecting more water out to where ever it is going so you should really make sure that it is taken far enough away so it is not going to get into the basement again.
The last you might want to consider is your mechanical skills. The battery back up pumps generally just need you to hook into the line where the water is ejected and hook up the batteries. A water back up will require you to tie into the city water supply and will likely require soldering pipe. Hope this helps you make your decision.


Re: Backup sump pump


Thank you for your response. Given the topography of lot and the surrounding houses as well as the 1:1 or 2:1 sump pump to fresh water ratios, I'm definitely leaning to an electric backup system. Any recommendations? Thanks. Brevitt

Re: Backup sump pump

I had a plumber put in a battery back up pump in 2003 after I moved into a house at the bottom of the street with a basement we wanted to use. The battery powered back-up worked ok the one time that my primary pump failed -- ok if you don't mind an alarm going off when it comes on and bailing to keep below the alarm screaming. But I had no water in the basement. However, it didn't make it through Irene. Got totally overwhelmed. I wanted a water powered one in 2003, but no one around here seemed to know about them. The literature I've seen says that they can remove 2 gallons for every one of mains water. There are several brands, and my problem is trying to find a good evaluation of the best. The prices I've seen run $100 to $400 for the pump alone. But that's cheaper than the great guys who came to do water mediation.

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