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are there diff. types of pvc?

Im adding a 1/2 bath to my basement, i have cast iron pluming and using a iron "T" then converting it to PVC. is there a specific PVC that I'm supposed to use when I'm running it under the basement slab? if so what type? also what type of pipe connections should i use?:

Re: are there diff. types of pvc?

To answer your question, yes there are many different types of PVC pipe. The most common you will find are schedule 30, a thin-wall PVC used for drainage, schedule 40 a heavy walled used for plumbing, shedual 80 sold as conduit.

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Re: are there diff. types of pvc?

The only PVC that is allowed as potable water supply is CPVC - it's kind of an almond color to indicate it's the "C" version of PVC, not the regular type (white ), or conduit (gray ). Check with your local building department as to whether or not it's allowed for potable water supply in your area.

Burying water pipe in concrete is an extremely bad idea, one that is no longer in practice. The expansion and contraction of the concrete and the waterline itself causes friction that will wear through the pipe and cause a leak. It is better to run water lines overhead or in walls or special chaseways to the locations needed. Again, the building department can advise on the regulations for your area.

Re: are there diff. types of pvc?


Schedule 40 PVC pipe (the white stuff) should be fine for your application.

If you happen to have a threaded fitting on the cast iron, you can use a PVC threaded adapter to connect your PVC to the CI. Otherwise, many CI to PVC drain/waste/vent (DWV) connections are made by simply cutting the CI and using a Fernco-type/hubless/"rubber sleeve" connector to attach the two different pipes to one another. (These connectors are not for pressure pipes/situations or potable water pipe)

For connections other than the initial conversion from CI to PVC, simply glue the PVC pipe together using a primer/cleaner and then the appropriate PVC welding solvent (most folks call it glue). Apply primer and "glue" to both parts of a joint..not just one of the two. Shove the parts together, turn them a bit and then hold tight for 15-30 seconds.

Try to configure things so that you don't end up burying any Fernco fittings.

Re: are there diff. types of pvc?


CA may not allow PVC for potable water, but........it's used here all the time. For instance, most submersible well pumps are hung from PVC around here.

Re: are there diff. types of pvc?

I just bought the PVC pipe schedule 40 and the fernco rubber sleeve.thats what i needed to know, thanks!!!!!

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