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adding a basement

I am trying to find someone or some information on how to dig a basement under an existing house. :o

Re: adding a basement

Do you have a crawl space under your floors or are you on a full concrete slab?

Re: adding a basement

I have a crawl space under my house. Sorry for such a long delay.

Re: adding a basement

Could you provide more info as to the cubic footage you have to remove (length X width X height); the composition of the basement foundation (concrete, brick, masonry block, stacked stone, etc.)

Is the soil rocky, soft, hardpan, clay, sandy???

Do you have easy access in and out of the crawl space into the yard so you can get a small skid loader or caterpillar in there to excavate the dirt??

Can part of the wall be knocked out to allow access??

This is usually extremely hard work if you're excavating over 30 cu yds of soil; requires shoring up the foundation; work can also be dangerous.

Even though it costs a few hundred $$ it is best to have a civil engineer study the crawl space & draw up a plan for a best way to do the job.

Can you provide some photos of the site, especially possible access points for heavy equipment.

Do you plan to do this work yourself, or hire an excavation contractor???

Re: adding a basement

I am not sure of your location, climate zone, etc, but if you can try to get as much information as you can about your exisiting structure and it's foundation. For example, what is the overall height of your foundation walls, 4'? Also, were footers poured? What type of soil do you have? What is the water table level in your area, are there any known drainage issues? The more answers you have ahead of time for a professional to evaluate the job, even an engineer, the less it will cost you. Also, not sure if you have already considered it, but if you had any consideration to changing the overall footprint of the house, now would be the time.


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