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2nd water heater to opposite side of home?

Wanting to add a 2nd water heater to the home and needed some input on if this is a good idea or if it could be pulled off.  I'll attach a rough sketch of the house, obviously not to scale. Home style ranch, 2,100sq ft +, 2 full baths located on the west side of the house while the kitchen is located on the far right with the water heater in the garage next to the kitchen. The water to the kitchen sink and dish washer gets hot quickly but if you're in the bathroom wanting to either wash your hands or take a shower, the water can take upwards to over a minute to start getting warm. I don't know if just insulating the water pipes would fix that annoyance or putting in a 2nd water heater (maybe a tankless with reservoir) in a closet (where the water heater and clothes washer/dryer use to be held) to where only the bathrooms would be connected to that and the kitchen would stay connected to the original water heater.

Thanks for any input.

Re: 2nd water heater to opposite side of home?


I have the same problem with one bath a very long way from the water heater. I considered a separate heater or booster. I ended up spending about one hour and $199 instead. I installed a Watts Hot Water Recirculating System with Built-In Timer. Pretty happy with the results.



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