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Ceiling Maintenance

Our ceiling maintenance tips can help you keep your home cost efficient, safe & cozy.


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How to Clean a Popcorn Ceiling

Giving your popcorn ceiling a facelift can be a grimy and time-consuming job, taking up the better part of an entire weekend, but you can certainly do it yourself. Read these tips on how to easily and safely clean popcorn ceilings.

How to Paint a Popcorn Ceiling

Follow these steps when painting your popcorn ceiling.

3 Ways to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Consider these tips when deciding between scraping, covering, or skimming to remove your dated popcorn ceiling.

How to Paint a Ceiling

Make your fifth wall pop with a color expert's how-to steps.

How to Hang a Tin Ceiling

In less than a weekend, turn your blank ceiling into an architectural showpiece of pressed metal.

Splicing Molding

A single length of molding spanning a wall is best, but when you have to use a second piece, use this technique to hide the gap