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How to Fix a Loose Cabinet Door

Put your loose, stripped, or sagging cabinet hinges back into place.

Cabinet doors are opened and closed all day long, especially those go-to cabinets that contain snacks and glasses, so it’s no wonder that a much-used door becomes loose or starts to sag over time.

With loose cabinet doors that no longer close the way they should, the best way to decide how to adjust cabinet hinges is to first determine the cause. Loose cabinet doors can be the result of:

  1. Hinge screws on the cabinet and door have loosened over time.
  2. Loose hinge holes have become stripped and are too big for the screws.
  3. The cabinet door is sagging because it’s too heavy for the existing hardware.

How to Adjust Loose Cabinet Hinges:

  1. Open the cabinet door.
  2. With a screwdriver, tighten and adjust the screws on the cabinet door hinges.
  3. Close the door to check tension and alignment.
  4. Continue adjusting screws on the cabinet and then the door until the door is no longer loose and closes properly.

How to Fix a Loose Cabinet Door That Has Stripped Hinge Holes

  1. Unscrew the hinges from the cabinet and place the door, with hinges attached, in a safe place.
  2. Dip wooden toothpicks into wood glue and then stuff the cabinet hinge hole with as many toothpicks as will fit.
  3. Break off the toothpicks so they are flush with the cabinet.
  4. Once the glue is dry, reattach and screw the hardware back into place.

How to Fix a Cabinet Door That’s Sagging

Photo by Ryan Benyi
  1. If the toothpick fix from above doesn’t work, remove and replace existing hardware with new hinges that can support the weight of the door.
  2. Add at least one more set of hinges to help offset the load on the hardware.
  3. Once you've put your cabinet doors back into place, plan to keep your hinges clean and screws tight.
  4. If you ever need more adjustments, grab toothpicks or your screwdriver and repeat the process.