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Drain Line Inspection with a High-Tech Camera

Plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey gets a detailed look at the existing sewer line of our Brookline project and discovers a major problem

During the mechanical phase of our Brookline project, Richard Trethewey met up with sewer and drain expert Charlie Brennick to explore the condition of the home's existing drain line between the house and the city's sewer main. In this case, because of the scope of the project, the local municipality required a full inspection of existing sewer line. Brennick uses specialty inspection equipment that records everything in high-definition. The camera has a self-leveling head and is equipped with a monitoring element that allows him to locate the head from above ground. This is a useful feature for instances when an issue is detected in the line, which happened here. During this inspection the two discover a break in the pipe that had become embedded with tree roots. The majority of the line is in good shape, so with the equipment's monitoring capabilities they are able to pinpoint the excavation area.