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Inside Job: Bookcases With a Color Pop

Seven inspiring ways to capitalize on the blank canvas behind shelves

Insuring Against Fire

How to help make sure your claims are successful

A Family Copes with a Fire

A tragic fire set the stage for this This Old House renovation project in Billerica

The Silent Treatment

Taking the squeak out of wood floors

The Media Room

State-of-the-art sights and sounds are right at home in Milton.

The Billerica House

Close to home, This Old House tackled a project close to its heart: rebuilding Dick and Sandra Silvas' house from foundation to finishes after a devastating fire.


Custom-milled quartersawn oak and southern yellow pine give the Billerica floors a classic Victorian look.

Yard Work

Landscape designer Stephanie Hubbard picks the proper plants for Billerica's tough New England climate.

An Inside Job

Interior design experts help the Silvas tackle the daunting "blank sheet" challenge of replacing all they lost in the fire

Lots of Groundwork Goes into the Best Rock Walls

Landscape contractor Roger Cook explains how to build a wall that will stand up to almost anything thrown at it.

Building a Better Window

Learn more about window technology that claims to combine the best of both wood and vinyl.

Home Show

In Billerica, media systems expert Mitch Klein explores electronics package possibilities.

Dream Landscape

Landscape designer Stephanie Hubbard drafts a master plan for the Silvas' yard.

Life-Saving Fire Prevention Products

From smoke alarms to automatic sprinkler systems, learn ways to protect your home and family from fire's devastating effects

Parking Space

Designing a detached garage can be a challenge.

Great Slate

One of the Billerica project's winners is a synthetic slate roof shingle. It looks real but is lighter, easier to install and less expensive.

Choosing Sides

A new generation of fiber-cement shingles and siding is changing our idea of home.

Spoiled Soil

Dr. Geoffrey Brown determines the extent of the soil contamination around the Billerica house and gives tips on how leaks can be prevented.