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Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Looking for a DIY bathroom remodel that won’t break the bank? See how a little bit of creativity and four gallons of paint kept costs way down and transformed this makeshift space.

New Bathroom Remodel Photo by Roeshel Summerville

Even in long-haul remodels, some spaces cry out for prompt design attention. For Roeshel Summerville of Butler, Pennsylvania, that space was the first-floor bath. Located between a home office and the family room, it’s the most trafficked of the 1927 farmhouse’s three baths and two powder rooms.

But when Roeshel, her husband, and their two daughters moved in, it sported bare drywall and grungy carpeting.

Before: Old Bathroom

Old Bathroom In Need Of Remodel
The bare-bones bath lacked some finishing touches, like door casing.
Photo by Roeshel Summerville

Two years in, with a full redo out of the question, Roeshel decided to make the space "less embarrassing." Refinishing everything from the plywood subfloor to the original sink fixtures with paint, she updated the bath over four weekends with a gray-and-brown palette and low-cost touches, such as a three-light vanity fixture. "It was supposed to be a temporary fix, but I love it. And now we can focus our money on bigger projects," says Roeshel.

After: Remodeled Bathroom

New Bathroom Remodel
The rug motif and wide wall stripes add classic charm to this now-inviting space.
Photo by Roeshel Summerville

Wall paint: Benjamin Moore's Light Pewter and Nimbus

Here are some photos that show Roeshel’s inexpensive bathroom remodel, step by step.

Bathroom Remodel Before and After Photos

Before: Floor

Old Bathroom Plywood Subfloor Photo by Roeshel Summerville

After sanding and patching the plywood subfloor, the owners used porch paint and stencils to create the design. Three coats of polyurethane ensure it holds in a humid bath.

Floor: After

New Bathroom Remodel Painted Floor Photo by Roeshel Summerville

The painted floor delivers the look of tile at a fraction of the cost.

Paint: Valspar's Journey and Benjamin Moore's Smoke Embers

Before: Faucet

Old Faucet In Bathroom Photo by Roeshel Summerville

Using spray paint to refinish, the homeowners avoided the need to replace the sink or shell out for costly single-tap reproductions.

After: Faucet

New Bathroom Faucet Spray Painted And Lacquered Photo by Roeshel Summerville

Spray paint and lacquer updated the original 1920s faucets for $25.

Faucet paint: Rust-Oleum

Before: Shower Stall

Old Shower Stall Photo by Roeshel Summerville

Extending the stripes over the shower walls adds a customized feel to the previously lackluster stall.

After: Shower Stall

New Shower Stall Of Bathroom Remodel Photo by Roeshel Summerville

A simple white waffle-weave shower curtain lets the striped wall design take center stage.

Bathroom Remodel Costs

New Bathroom Remodel With Painted Walls Photo by Roeshel Summerville
  • Removed the carpet, $0
  • Primed and painted the ceiling, door, and trim with cans left over from previous projects, $0
  • Mounted a three-light fixture over the sink and a flush-mount schoolhouse light on the ceiling, $221
  • Painted the floor with an area-rug design using two stencils, 1 gallon of new porch paint, and leftover gray paint, $40
  • Sealed the floor with three coats of polyurethane, $16
  • Created a striped wallpaper look with 2 gallons of paint, $62
  • Hung an oval vanity mirror, $75
  • Primed, painted, and lacquered the existing faucets to look like oil-rubbed bronze, $25

TOTAL: $439