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In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows how to outfit a bathroom at basement level.


1. Using PVC pipe and fittings, connect the lavatory drain line to the macerator unit.

2. Connect discharge pipe to the drainpipe leading from the macerator unit.

3. Use nut driver to tighten stainless-steel clamp connecting PVC lavatory pipe to the macerator unit.

4. Tighten the discharge adapter onto outlet port on top of the macerator unit using a nut driver.

5. Connect the PVC vent pipe from the macerator unit to the existing vent stack.

6. Set toilet in place and mark its mounting holes on the floor.

7. Move the toilet out of the way and drill pilot holes into the floor.

8. Set the toilet back into place and secure it to the floor with two brass screws.

9. Connect toilet to the discharge pipe on the macerator unit; tighten the stainless-steel clamp with a nut driver.

10. Connect the water-supply line to the toilet; open the shut-off valve, flush toilet and check for leaks.

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