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What Can I Do to Warm Up an All-White Bath?

Taniya Nayak, an interior designer in Boston, has a number of hints for enlivening a basic white bath. Here are some of the ways she raises the temperature.

Interior designer, Taniya Nayak, Oct 2017
Interior designer, Taniya Nayak
Photo by Michael Giragosian (Taniya portrait)

CHOOSE A SOFT WHITE for walls and trim. Arctic shades can be, well, chilly. Pick a white with a hint of creamy yellow or, for a more contemporary look, an undertone of truffle gray.

GO WITH GOLD, brass, or copper finishes. While chrome and even nickel against white can read as clinical, these metallics look luxurious when paired with, and reflected off, white. For a unified look, aim for a single finish for fittings and light fixtures.

ADD DIMENSION by layering different sheens and materials. If the tile and vanity top are glossy, set them off with a matte-finish faucet and hardware. Let a polished-brass sconce stand out against a low-sheen wall. Wood accents and other natural materials—even something as simple as a woven basket or potted plant—will add texture and, along with it, warmth.