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Foundation on a Flatbed

The new foundation at the Carlisle Project won't be arriving in a cement mixer. It will show up on a truck, be installed in less than a day, and stay weather-tight for decades.

New Homeowners at the Winchester House

How the new owners of the Winchester house managed moving from Huntsville, Alabama—and a major renovation

Interior Design for a Small Home

The interior of the Concord Cottage is a marvel of traditional decor, universal design, and hidden storage everywhere.

A Bittersweet Ending

The family suffers a loss as the Concord Cottage project nears completion

Everything in Its Place

A homeowner, innkeeper, and father dreams about the fabulous home that awaits his family

Coming Out of Storage

Reconverting an oversized storage closet back to being a home is like working from a blank slate. On the Bermuda project, that meant figuring out what kind of home it would become — and just how blank the slate would be.

The Big Damp

Keeping a house dry on a humid island is no small task. On our Bermuda project, everyone working on the job contributes to that effort, inside and out

Birth of a Notion

From concept to delivery, this renovation project followed a strangely familiar course

One Small, Happy Family

How do you plan the perfect living space for people you haven't met?


Tom Silva's team gives a whole new meaning to the expression "raising a barn."