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5 Ways to Lower Your Home Insurance Costs

Are you paying too much or missing out on important coverage? Read our guide to learn about 5 ways to know if you’re paying too much for home insurance.

How to Stop Smart Home Devices from Spying on You

Smart home devices are great for making life more convenient. But who else might be listening when we tell our lights to turn on?

Whole-House Battery Backup

Their numbers are still small, but home battery backup systems may be the wave of the future.

Top 20 Best New Home Products | Home Tech

These finds put the fun in functional, from gadgets for the lucky ones on your gift list to investment buys that truly improve life at home.

Streaming Services | Play it Again, Alexa

Streaming services have taken the music industry by storm. If you’re just wading in, here’s how to choose the perfect setup for your home

Better Home Theater

It might be time to up your living room’s game, now that prices have dropped dramatically.

Should You Pay Off Your Mortgage? | Dollars and Sense

Even in the current tax climate, homeowners may be better served by refinancing at a lower rate and investing the savings

Are You Ever Too Old to Get a Mortgage?

If you’re buying or refinancing, the answer may surprise you

Keep Track of Home Maintenance with the Centriq Home App

As seen on the season 16 premiere of Ask This Old House