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Save This Old House: Quaint Queen Anne on the Oregon Coast

This 1870s farmhouse in the fishing town of Tillamook has hand-carved millwork and was once a town showpiece

The Essex House

An unassuming cottage will get new life as a house that's designed for aging in place

The Cambridge 2012 House

This Old House TV heads to a historic New England neighborhood to give a bland Queen Anne some Scandinavian style

TOH TV's Cambridge Project House: Before

This fall on TOH TV: A poorly renovated 1887 Queen Anne in a historic district of Cambridge, Mass., will get a much-needed modern revamp. Plus: a second project in Essex, Mass., gets underway as well

Save This Old House: A Historic Georgia Farmhouse

This Dekalb County, Georgia, farmstead from the 1840s retains most of the original interior

How to Handle Household Products Safely

Learn the best way to reduce your use of certain household products, as well as the proper way to dispose of those you no longer need

11 Ways Your Lawn Can Kill You

Warning: Your verdant paradise may be a death trap (or at least make you very sick). Before you spend the next sunny day lounging on the lawn, watch out for these dozen dangers to your health

How to Plan a Dog Cleaning Station

A dedicated washing area for your most dedicated friend makes bath time a breeze

Best Old House Neighborhoods 2012: Easy Commute

Close enough to make that drive to work and back as quick and pleasant as possible

Best Old House Neighborhoods 2012: Fixer-Uppers

Places that offer excellent opportunities for anyone looking to take a diamond in the rough and polish it into a lasting gem