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Tips for Hiring a Home Renovation Team

The key to the best possible remodel? For Cambridge, MA, real estate agent and renovation coach Bruce Irving, it comes down to how you orchestrate the players.

Home Upgrades with the Best Payback

Which home-renovation projects will hold their value down the line? Cambridge, MA, real estate agent and renovation consultant Bruce Irving weighs in.

Paradise Rising: Residents Rebuild a Year after the Fires

More than a year after the town was nearly leveled by the most devastating wildfire in California’s history, a special This Old House series takes a look at how the residents of Paradise are rebuilding their homes—and community. Here are some of their stories

This Old House Cast Reflect on 40 Years of Life Lessons and Home Renovations

We sat down with TOH master carpenter Norm Abram, general contractor Tom Silva, plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey, landscape contractor Roger Cook, host Kevin O’Connor, and show creator Russ Morash—those familiar faces shown here—to share memories, find out what they’ve learned over the years, and get an idea of what keeps the hits coming

Lessons Learned in 30 Years of This Old House TV

Most folks may tackle two or three houses in a lifetime. This Old House TV's crew has taken on dozens. What they've discovered over the years is sure to help any home improver.

Project Preparation at Winchester

Creating an ideal canvas for improvement means getting the fundamentals done correctly

Perfect Dormers at Winchester

At first glance the Winchester dormers look fine. But are they?

The Cambridge House

The latest TOH project is unlike any other we've tackled in 25 seasons. Built in 1950, this Modern house is tired, leaking, and historic. So, what's worth saving?

The Carlisle House: 21 Need-to-Know Lessons

A celebration of This Old House's 25th-anniversary remodel—from start to spectacular show-house finish—with more than a score of important lessons for every homeowner

Our Old House

This Old House takes on a classic New England farmstead for its 25th Anniversary project