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Insiders Go Behind the Scenes at 2022 Saratoga Springs Wrap Party

This past summer, a select group of Insiders attended the Saratoga Springs Legacy Restored Project House wrap party to learn more about what happens on set.

Six lucky Insiders won attendance to our wrap party at the Saratoga Springs Legacy Restored project house, and enjoyed a fun filled day of activities with the cast and crew.

Doug Wikle and his friend Tyson Berndt were two superfans who joined us on this awesome day. Doug is a software engineer who lives in New York with his wife and two sons. When he’s not watching them play baseball he likes to work on projects around the house. Tyson, a geologist, traveled all the way from Kansas City and worked for 12 years in the residential remodeling industry prior to becoming a geologist.

Brett Brown, a software engineer, attended with his wife Elsie Russell and could not be more excited to meet the cast! Brett and Elsie purchased a 1915 craftsman bungalow four years ago they they have been fully renovating themselves.

Our first to arrive, Insiders Tom Sirignano attended with his wife Lyn Sirignano. Tom started watching This Old House in 1980. He has watched every episode of every project since then.

Our superfans took a private house tour with the homeowners, which some cast members jumped in on with fun facts about their favorite spaces. For a large portion of their visit, they spent some quality time with their favorite cast members and had a great time conversing in the kitchen after lunch after taking some pictures with them and collecting autographs.

During the final scenes, they chatted with the production team while watching a live monitor from the room over and played a This Old House trivia game. These fans got the chance to participate in the final scene of the episode, which means that when the episode airs you will be able to spot them in the shot!