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4 Signs Your Chimney Needs a Checkup

Gathering around a wood-burning fireplace is an irresistible winter ritual, but a fire is still, well, a fire.

7 Giant Yard Games You Can DIY

You'll be like an ant with a Cheetoh if you make these oversized yard games! Get ready for a summer of fun with these DIY yard game projects.

Building a Table: 17 DIY Ideas

We rounded up unique ideas so you can make your own table that suits your home, style, and budget.

Kevin O’Connor’s Photos Through the Years

Between takes, Kevin O’Connor captures the action from the other side of the lens. Here, he gives us some backstory

How to Prune Spruce Trees

Though outdoor temperatures may not be ideal for yard work, in most areas March is prime time to prune common backyard conifers, using the end-of-winter dormant period as a window of opportunity to stimulate growth. Here’s how

Clean Up Your Breaker Box

Pay it forward to your house’s future residents (and your current electrician) by ensuring that your breaker panel’s labels are legible, accurate, and easy to interpret, using…

A Quick Way to Clean Tarnished Silver

Breaking out the fine flatware for the holidays? Make sure sterling silver looks its best by reversing the chemical reaction that created silver sulfide, a.k.a. tarnish, in the first place

Clear Out Old Condiments

Need fridge space for holiday cooking? Inventory seldom-used sauces and condiments to free up more room

Yardbird Transforms Ocean Trash Into Patio Furniture

These stylish and eco-friendly pieces are made of plastic retrieved from the ocean!

10 Easy-Off Wallpaper Patterns for Your Home

Easily removable, peel-and-stick wallpaper is a great (and renter-friendly!) way to spruce up a room, whether it covers every wall, just one, or a tabletop or shelf