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Maybe right now, you’re more focused on spring bulbs and reseeding the lawn. But before you walk away from your snow blower, take the time to ensure that it will roar back to life with that first unexpected blast of icy weather next winter.

Hose off dirt and road salt

Focus on the auger and the impeller behind it. Towel dry and buff car wax on the painted metal housing and inside the chute.

Replace the fuel

Drain the tank and add an ethanol-free fuel like TruFuel ($5.80). Let the engine run for a few minutes.

Baby the moving parts

Follow the owner’s manual. If it doesn’t specify lubrication, coat exposed cables with motor oil. Use dry lube on plastic knobs and silicone spray on spinning parts. Adjust skid shoes and scraper bar. Stock up on shear pins and replacement belts.

Inflate the tires

Using a gauge, add 2 pounds to the recommended psi to allow for air leakage.