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To take your woodworking to the next level, get inspired with these projects across all levels.

S20 E34, Tom Silva teaches Kevin O’Connor how to draw an ellipse with string

How to Draw an Ellipse with String

This Old House General Contractor Tom Silva shows host Kevin O’Connor an easy method for drawing accurate, smooth ellipses.

Kevin O’Connor and Tom Silva with a newly built bee hive

Build It | How to Build a Beehive

In this Build It video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor craft a bee-friendly backyard feature from basic building materials.

S20 E33, Tom Silva builds a baseball bat dispay case

Build Your Own Baseball Bat Display Case

General contractor Tom Silva shows us how to turn a basic home-built box into a baseball bat display case worthy of any commemorative or championship bat.

S20 E31, Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor build a milk stool

Build It | How to Build a Milk Stool

General contractor Tom Silva shows how to take reclaimed lumber and turn it into a charming milk stool for children or decor.

S20 E25, Nathan Gilbert as an apprentice with Tom Silva

How Nathan Gilbert Became a Carpenter

Ask This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert takes us along his journey through the carpentry trade.

S20 E24, Nathan Gilbert shows Kevin O’Connor ways to fix scratches to wood finish

How to Fix Wood Scratches

This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert shows host Kevin O’Connor how to handle small scratches on finished furniture and hardwood surfaces.


Build It | 3D Cube Cutting Board

Using hardwoods of strikingly different colors, This Old House contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’ Connor team up to create a cutting board with an eye-catching 3D effect. See how to make one yourself with the instructions below.

S3 E16, Tom Silva show Kevin O’Connor how to replicate molding profiles

How to Replicate Molding Profiles

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva reveals various means and methods of making your own authentic reproduction moldings

S20 E19, Tom Silva builds a box joint jig

Build It | How to Build a Box Joint Jig

General contractor Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor build a basic serving tray as a means for illustrating the box joint—a commonly used method for joining corners for drawers, boxes, trays, and the like.

S20 E14, Tom Silva explains wood joints

Everything to Know About Wood Joints

General contractor Tom Silva teaches host Kevin O’Connor about the different wood joints, including their strengths and weaknesses.

S20 E13, Tom Silva explains how to identify and repair wood rot

How to Identify and Repair Rotting Wood

General contractor Tom Silva takes host Kevin O’Connor through the causes of wood rot, how to avoid it, and what to do when it occurs.

Tom Silva sitting on an oak staircase.

How to Update Stair Treads and Risers

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva teaches a homeowner how to replace split-level stair treads in his mid-century modern home.


How to Turn a Reclaimed Beam into a Fireplace Mantel

Ask This Old House carpenter, Nathan Gilbert helps a homeowner turn a reclaimed mantel into a fireplace mantel.

S20 E11, Tom Silva makes wooden ornaments with a lathe

Build It | Christmas Ornaments

Host Kevin O’Connor meets general contractor Tom Silva in the workshop playing with his new favorite toy—the lathe. Tom demonstrates how he uses it to turn custom wooden holiday ornaments perfect for the tree or give as a festive gift.

S20 E10, Tom Silva and Camilla build a workbench for her workshop

How to Build a Workbench

General contractor Tom Silva teams up with an aspiring woodworker to build a workbench specifically designed for kids.

S20 E10, Tom Silva helps 2 young woodworkers build a birdhouse

Build It | Birdhouse

General contractor Tom Silva helps a pair of woodworking siblings build a DIY birdhouse in their new workshop.

S6 E4, Tom Silva fixes rotted wood with epoxy

How to Fix Rotted Wood with Epoxy

Saving a rotted window with This Old House general contractor Tom Silva

S20 E9, Nathan Gilbert demonstrates drill/driver technique

How to Use a Drill | Tool Lab

Carpenter Nathan Gilbert explains everything you need to know about drill drivers, from their history to their modern features.

Wooden birdhouse in a tree

How to Build a Birdhouse

Building a birdhouse is a simple woodworking project you can do with young children over a weekend. Watch this video and follow these steps for building an easy birdhouse with scrap wood.


How to Install Floating Shelves and Mantel

Jeff Sweenor and Kevin O’Connor install floating white oak shelves and a floating mantle

Best Gifts for Woodworkers (2022)

Choosing tools for first-time woodworkers or experienced carpenters can be challenging if you don’t know what to look for. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the best gifts for woodworkers on Amazon to help you find the product that’s right for the carpenter in your life. The products included in this article are available at various home improvement stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.

S2 E26, Tom Silva repairs a split door jamb

How to Repair a Split Door Jamb

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows a fast fix for a badly fractured doorframe

S9 E12, Tom Silva repairs tongue and groove flooring

How to Remove and Replace Tongue and Groove Flooring

Step-by-step instructions to help you carefully fix your wood floor boards without causing damage.

How To Bend Wood

Whether it’s a woodworking project, trimwork for a remodel, instrument making, or boatbuilding, learning to bend wood can take a project from seemingly impossible to doable. You just need to know how.


How to Match Historic Molding

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor look at ways to match historic molding.


Build It | Tool Storage Shelf

In this edition of DIY Smarts, Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor build a tool storage shelf out of leftover lumber from other Build It projects.

6 Practical Wood Shed Ideas

Firewood requires dry storage and plenty of airflow for optimal burning. These wood shed ideas offer options—and add a certain cozy, rustic touch to your property.

The 411 on Salvaging Wood Pallets

How to obtain, prep and use the covetable pieces for upcycling

Fall 2021, Build It Cooler Bench, Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor toast the finished cooler bench

Build It | Cooler Bench

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor build an outdoor bench that doubles as a cooler using cedar and copper.


How to Create a Dutch Door

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva converts a regular door into a Dutch door.


How to Build a Flag Display Case

Ask This Old House carpenter, Nathan Gilbert, shows the office he renovated during the quarantine and works on the finishing touch—a display case to store the U.S. flag that was presented to him at his grandfather’s funeral.


How to Safely Strip Paint from Woodwork

Ask This Old House painter Mauro Henrique travels to Sacramento to show a homeowner the safe way to strip paint