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How to Build Kitchen Drawer Dividers | This Old House: Live

Ask This Old House carpenter Nathan Gilbert demonstrates how to build custom kitchen drawer dividers as part of This Old House: Live—an initiative providing daily programming and opportunities to connect with our experts during these challenging times.

Steps for Building Kitchen Drawer Dividers:

  1. Measure the inside of the drawer. Each drawer varies slightly, so it’s important to get an accurate measurement of the exact drawer the dividers are going into.
  2. Transfer the measurements to a piece of paper and calculate the divider layout. Nathan suggests making the dividers slightly thinner than the kitchen drawer so it can be placed in and taken out of the drawer more easily.
  3. Cut the boards to length using a miter saw. Nathan suggests cutting a little bit off the tip of the board to ensure you’re starting with a square end.
  4. Sand all the boards smooth using 180 grit sandpaper. To keep the boards in place and prevent them from getting damaged on the table during sanding, try placing a shipping blanket underneath them.
  5. Measure and mark the location for the dividers.
  6. Cut the rabbets and dados in the boards to accept the dividers using a table saw.
  7. Assemble the divider using wood glue and brad nails.
  8. Chamfer the edges of the dividers with a router.

Products & Resources from this Video:

Nathan used ¼” poplar boards, which he picked up in the hobby wood section at the home center. To secure the dividers together, Nathan used Gorilla Wood Glue.

Shopping List: