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How Much Does Window Repair Cost? (2024 Guide)

Typical Cost Range: $100 – $600

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Window repair costs homeowners an average of $392 but typically ranges from $100–$600 per window. See which factors will impact your total cost.

Author Image Written by Jessica Wimmer + 1 other Reviewer Icon Reviewed by: Mark Howey Updated 06/20/2024

Most windows need repairs as they age. How much these repairs cost depends on the type of damage. The national average cost to repair windows is $392, but the price can range from $100 to over $600.*

We compiled average costs for common repairs in this guide. We’ve also detailed factors that affect pricing and provided tips for hiring a professional. Read our guide to window replacement costs if you think your window may need full replacement.

*All cost data is sourced from Angi.com.

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What Factors Affect Window Repair Costs?

There’s no flat rate for window repair because different types of damage require different tools and expertise levels to fix. For example, replacing a small piece of hardware is cheaper than repairing a broken glass pane.

Cost by Type of Repair

Find common damages and the repair they require below.

  • Air leak: An air leak can be fixed by either reglazing with a glazing compound or by replacing a seal.
  • Fully broken glass: Fully broken glass—meaning window glass that’s more than superficially cracked—requires pane replacement.
  • Broken thermal seal: Regular fogging between your window panes usually means a broken seal. A repair professional will drill a small hole into one pane, insert a chemical between the panes to get rid of the moisture, install a valve and pump to remove air, and then apply the new window seal. Only dual-pane windows without inert gas between the panes can be repaired this way.
  • Cracked pane: A minor cracked pane usually requires applying epoxy to the crack with a putty knife and letting it cure.
  • Faulty sash cord: Sash cords help older-style wood windows raise and lower properly. You’ll need an entire window replacement if the cords aren’t working as they should.
  • Latch or hardware malfunction: Window hardware that stops working correctly or comes off can be replaced by most homeowners without professional help.
  • Window flashing issues: Fixing flashing is common in skylight windows and is often needed because there’s a water leak, which will not only require new flashing but water damage repair around the window frame. This can add to the cost of skylight windows.

Air leak


Broken glass


Broken thermal seal


Cracked pane




Latch or hardware


Sash cord


Cost by Number of Glass Units

How many glass units a window has also affects the repair cost. For example, a window with multiple glass units is more expensive to fix than a simpler one due to the added repair complexity.

Number of Glass UnitsPrice







Five or more


Cost by Type of Window

Larger, more intricate windows, such as bay windows, usually cost more to fix than standard options such as casement or single-hung windows.

Window TypePrice

Arched window


Bay or bow window


Block window


Casement window


Double-hung window


Picture window


Single-hung window


Skylight window


Sliding window


Storm window


Transom window


New Windows in Home
Window Replacement

Window replacement typically costs $300–$2,000 per window, depending on the window type.

View looking out a casement window from the inside of a house that has turquoise interior walls
Window Repair

Window repair typically costs $177–$623, but it can vary based on the type of repair.

Picture of a man cleaning a window with a yellow cloth
Window Cleaning Cost

Window cleaning typically costs $80–$430 for an entire home.


What Are Additional Factors That Affect Window Repair Costs?

The following factors also impact window repair costs.

  • Accessibility: A window that’s harder to reach and work on comfortably will increase labor costs.
  • Extent of damage: The more severe the damage is, the more expensive repair will be.
  • Material: Wooden, aluminum, and vinyl windows are typically more affordable to repair than composite or fiberglass windows. 
  • Size: Larger windows that require more materials usually cost more to fix. 
  • Time: Emergency repairs that require a professional to visit after hours often include an upcharge.

Can You Repair Your Window Yourself?

If you’re handy around the house and your window requires minimal repair, such as replacing a piece of hardware or doing a simple re-caulk, you can make these fixes yourself.

Larger repairs, such as replacing broken glass or reinstalling flashing, are better left to window professionals to ensure a quality result. The last thing you want is to try to save money by repairing a window yourself and then ending up with a bigger problem. Also keep in mind that repairing old wooden windows that were installed before 1978 may get you exposed to lead paint.

How To Hire a Window Professional

Do your research before hiring a local window repair contractor. Look at their website to vet their licensure and experience, and read customer reviews on Google, Yelp, or other review sites. We also recommend calling or emailing to schedule a site visit and get a free quote for the job so you have clear expectations for the cost and time investment.

The cheapest repair pro isn’t necessarily the best or the worst option, so don’t base your decision solely on cost. Seek out the person with the right credentials for the repair you need while keeping your budget in mind.

Is Window Repair Worth It?

A window repair can be a simple do-it-yourself (DIY) fix or an intricate project requiring a skilled professional. Professional labor costs fluctuate by location and season, so there’s no fixed price, but common repairs most often fall between $50 and $400.

Use the cost ranges above to get an idea of typical prices. We suggest getting multiple quotes to compare, especially if you’re quoted significantly more or less than average. Don’t wait too long to fix a broken window, especially if you have several windows in bad shape. Air leakage can significantly decrease your home’s energy efficiency. Address the repair sooner rather than later to avoid raising your energy bills.

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FAQs About Window Repair Cost

How much would it cost to fix a window?

The amount it costs to fix a window depends on the type of repair and window. A simple air leak that only requires applying new caulk can cost as little as $50. Replacing an entire glass pane can cost several hundred dollars. The average price for fixing a window is $392.

Is it cheaper to repair or replace a window?

It’s typically cheaper to repair a window than to replace it. Try to repair a damaged window first unless a professional tells you replacement is necessary. 

How much does it cost to fix a window to a house?

Fixing a cracked window can cost $40–$100, while replacing a broken pane can cost $200–$400. The severity of damage greatly affects how much window repair costs. 

How much does it cost to replace windows?

It costs $700 on average to replace one window if you’re using a top window brand. This price can vary from just a few hundred dollars to over $1,000 depending on the window size and material, number of panes, glass type, and other factors. Having professionals replace old windows with modern, energy-efficient windows can save you money long-term. See our list of best replacement windows

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