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A beautiful garden window on the exterior of a home with many plants and flowers on display

How Much Does a Garden Window Cost? (2024 Guide)

Typical cost range: $1,500–$5,000

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Garden windows cost homeowners an average of $3,000 but typically range from $1,500–$5,000 per window. See which factors will impact your total cost.

Author Image Written by Jessica Wimmer Updated 06/10/2024

A garden window is a box that protrudes from your home’s exterior wall, similar to a bay window but smaller. It has glass panes on the front, sides, and top, allowing maximum light. Homeowners typically use it as an indoor garden for their houseplants. Many top window brands offer these beautiful and functional windows to complement your interior decor. The average garden window costs $1,500–$5,000, with an average of $3,000. Read on for details about cost factors and installation.

*Article cost data sourced from Fixr.

What Are The Benefits of Garden Windows?

Garden windows are a bit like mini greenhouses for your indoor plants, so they’re sometimes called greenhouse windows. They’re typically located over the kitchen sink, but you can add one wherever you want. Here are some benefits of installing a garden window.

  • Improved aesthetics: Garden windows are attractive and allow a better outdoor view.
  • Increased natural light: You’ll benefit from the extra light a garden window allows in.
  • Indoor gardening: A garden window offers the sunniest possible spot for indoor plants, such as succulents, that need direct sunlight. You could even grow an herb garden in the kitchen.
  • Ventilation: Operable garden windows can improve indoor airflow.
New Windows in Home
Window Replacement

Window replacement typically costs $300–$2,000 per window, depending on the window type.

View looking out a casement window from the inside of a house that has turquoise interior walls
Window Repair

Window repair typically costs $177–$623, but it can vary based on the type of repair.

Picture of a man cleaning a window with a yellow cloth
Window Cleaning Cost

Window cleaning typically costs $80–$430 for an entire home.


What Factors Affect Garden Window Cost?

The primary factors that affect garden window costs are the window’s size, operability, and frame material.

  • Window size: Larger windows require more materials and labor, increasing costs.
  • Frame material: Aluminum, fiberglass, wood, and vinyl frames all have different price points. 
  • Fixed versus operable: Garden windows that open cost more.

Cost by Garden Window Size

Garden windows are usually fairly large to allow for several shelves of plants. As you might expect, larger windows cost more. They also require more labor, framing, and hardware to install.

Window Size (in Inches)Unit CostTotal Installation Cost
















Cost by Garden Window Frame Material

Replacement window costs vary based on the material used in the frame, and garden windows are no different. An aluminum garden window is the least expensive, but it’s a poor insulator and can only be used in mild climates. Fiberglass and vinyl garden windows are the most common since they’re low-maintenance and durable but still affordable. Wooden frames provide a classic look, but they’re costly and require frequent refinishing. Here are some cost ranges by frame material for a 36-by-48-inch garden window.

Window Frame MaterialUnit CostTotal Installation Cost













Cost by Fixed vs. Operable Garden Window

A garden window can be made entirely of fixed panels that don’t open. If you prefer more ventilation, the garden window’s back panel can slide open. You can also use awning or casement windows, which swing open on hinges, as top or side panels. Keep in mind that windows with moving parts cost more to install and are more prone to leaks.

Type of WindowUnit CostTotal Installation Cost







Labor Cost of Garden Window Installation

Your project’s labor cost is partly determined by the installation’s difficulty. Larger, more complex windows take longer to install and thus cost more. It could be as low as $300 to install a small, fixed garden window or as high as $1,500 for a larger, operable window.

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What Are Additional Garden Window Cost Considerations?

Here are some other cost considerations to keep in mind when installing a garden window.

Window Brand

Different window brands charge different amounts. Most window companies offer several choices, from budget windows to high-end options. Here are some sample garden window prices for medium-sized windows.








Ventana USA






Glass Pane Type

Garden windows come in a few different glass types. You’ll get more insulation from double- and triple-paned windows, as well as windows with nonreactive gasses or special glazes in the panes. 

Most new windows are double-paned for better energy efficiency. The space between the panes prevents heat from being transferred indoors in summer and outdoors in winter, allowing your HVAC system to work more efficiently. Triple-paned windows provide even more insulation, but can substantially increase the price.
The glass can be treated to increase insulation or block harmful radiation. Low-emissivity, or low-e, coatings block both UV radiation and some infrared light wavelengths, improving insulation and protecting your home’s interior from sun damage and fading. Other spectrally selective coatings reflect certain portions of the light spectrum, blocking heat without interfering with visibility.
In energy-efficient glass, the space between window panes is typically filled with a nonreactive gas that further protects against heat transfer. This gas is most commonly argon, which is sealed between the panes and lowers the window’s thermal conductivity (or how much heat can get through). Krypton is an even more effective insulating gas, but it’s harder to find and a bit more expensive.

Here’s what some 36–by-48-inch garden windows cost based on glass type.

Type of GlassUnit CostTotal Installation Cost










Low-e coating



Spectrally selective coating







You may pay more if you choose to customize some of your garden window aspects, such as opting for a nonstandard size or shape. Other options, such as frame color or window sill decorations, may also cost more. Most homeowners add wooden or glass shelves to their garden windows. These typically cost $20–$30 each.

Can You Install Garden Widows Yourself?

Garden window installation is fairly complex, so it’s usually best to hire a professional window contractor.

Professional Garden Windows

If you need to cut an entirely new window hole, hiring a pro is the way to go. Cutting into your wall alters your home’s structure, and professional contractors know how to do this safely. They’ll also be able to install your new garden window securely so there are no water or air leaks. Doing it yourself risks water damage, pest infestation, or reduced home energy efficiency. If you’re not confident with your do-it-yourself (DIY) skills, it’s better to hire a window contractor and pay the labor costs.

DIY Garden Windows

Replacing an existing window with a same-sized garden window may be doable for an experienced DIYer. In addition to the actual window, you’ll need a drill, jigsaw, plywood, window well cover, and extra molding. When removing the old window and fitting the garden window to the opening, you must thoroughly seal all cracks and joins to prevent leaks. You can save on labor costs with a DIY garden window installation, but you may have to pay for costly repairs later on if you don’t complete the job correctly.

How To Hire a Professional Window Installer

Take the following steps when searching for a professional window contractor.

  • Find out how long the contractor has been in business and whether they have specific experience installing garden windows.
  • Look for a pro with a regular contractor’s license, as most states don’t require contractors to have a specific license for window installation.
  • Hire only a bonded and insured contractor. 
  • Check the window company’s Better Business Bureau rating and accreditation status as well as customer reviews or references.
  • Ask your window installer about a workmanship warranty. Most new windows come with a limited manufacturer warranty.
  • Get estimates from at least three different contractors before making your choice.

How To Save on Garden Windows
Even if you hire a professional window contractor, you can save some money on garden windows with the following tips.
Smaller windows cost less for materials and labor, so consider the smallest size that’s still appealing to you. Check out our window sizing tips for more information.
Standard sizes and shapes cost less than custom options, as do plain, fixed windows with fewer decorations and moving parts.
Hire window installers in the off-season—usually winter—to minimize installation fees.
Ask the contractors if there’s anything you can do, such as preparation or cleanup, that will help reduce labor costs.
Balance up-front price with long-term quality. For example, vinyl windows typically cost less but may need replacement sooner.

Is Installing a Garden Window Worth It?

Installing a garden window is a simple way to increase natural light and create an indoor gardening spot without extensive construction. Although they’re more expensive to install than regular windows, you can save some money by tackling the project in the off-season and choosing a standard size. You may be surprised at how much a garden window brightens up the kitchen or other rooms in your house.

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FAQs About Garden Window Cost

What is the average price for a garden window?

The average price of a garden window is $3,000, with a range of $1,500 and $5,000. This price includes materials and labor.

Do garden windows increase home value?

It’s generally thought that garden windows increase a home’s resale value, though the specific amount depends on the local housing market and interior design trends.

What are the benefits of having a garden window?

Garden windows provide a small, indoor greenhouse space to grow plants, flowers, or herbs that need lots of direct sunlight. They also allow in more natural light than a flat window and provide a better outside view. A garden window with panels that open offers improved ventilation.

What material is best for garden windows?

Vinyl and fiberglass are the most common garden window frame materials since they’re reasonably durable and energy-efficient but affordable. Wood is another attractive option and a good insulator, but it tends to be more expensive and requires more maintenance. The best garden window material depends on your budget and local climate.

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