The Bermuda House Episodes

The Family Plan

A couple in Bermuda turns a classic Georgian house into a comfortable home for four

Home At Last

After a top-to-bottom overhaul, TOH's Bermuda TV project house is fit for another century

Birth of a Notion

From concept to delivery, this renovation project followed a strangely familiar course

A Mexican Oasis in Bermuda

Delaey and Andrea have been thinking and dreaming about this backyard for years. Finally, it's about to come true

The Big Damp

Keeping a house dry on a humid island is no small task. On our Bermuda project, everyone working on the job contributes to that effort, inside and out

Coming Out of Storage

Reconverting an oversized storage closet back to being a home is like working from a blank slate. On the Bermuda project, that meant figuring out what kind of home it would become — and just how blank the slate would be.

Surf's Up!

Seeking a safe haven after a stretch of turmoil, our Bermuda homeowners have one fast wave to ride before they reach their destination.

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