Ask This Old House TV // Season 15 // Episode 14

Ask TOH | Future House, Offerman

On this episode of ASK This Old House

Kevin heads to Los Angeles to meet up with Nick Offerman and get a firsthand look at the comedian’s woodworking shop. Home technology expert Ross Trethewey looks at a new device to track home energy usage in Future House. And Richard shows what happens when you use the wrong soap in the dishwasher.



Future House | Smarter Home Electrical Metering

Home technology expert Ross Trethewey learns about a new device which measures individual appliances’ energy consumption. 

Where to find it?

The home electrical metering system used software and hardware technology manufactured by Sense



Why Dishwasher Soap Matters

Richard shows Kevin what happens when you use dish liquid instead of dishwasher detergent gel in the dishwasher. 

Where to find it?

Richard demonstrated how a dish soap that’s designed for hand washing dishes is concentrated and can generate a lot of suds if used in a dishwasher.  He recommends always using dishwasher detergent gel for automatic dishwashers instead. 



Touring Nick Offerman’s Wood Shop

 Kevin heads to Los Angeles to visit Nick Offerman and get a tour of the comedian’s woodworking shop. 

Comedian and woodworker, Nick Offerman owns and operates Offerman Wood Shop in California.

During the tour, Nick showed off several hand tools which could be good for woodworking beginners. The tools included, a chisel, hand plane, pull saw and traditional hand saw, which can all be found at home centers or woodworking supply shops. 


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