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New Products to Help Tackle Your Home To-Do List

Take care of the tasks around your home with these handy products.

Wireless Dust Control Adapter and Remote Kit Courtesy Milwaukee Tool

Faster screwdriving: 4-Volt MAX* Cordless Screwdriver

4-Volt MAX Cordless Screwdriver Courtesy Craftsman

This 1/2-pound, 4-volt power screwdriver’s handle hides a rechargeable battery that turns screws up to 300 rpm, four times faster than hand cranking. A rocker switch controls the rotation; LEDs light the way. Comes with 19 bits, but the hex shank will fit any you already own. $40;

Fiber-cement face-lift: Hardie Architectural Collection Panels

Hardie Architectural Collection Panels Courtesy James Hardie

Fiber-cement siding, which holds paint well, resists rot, and has a high fire rating, now comes in textured panels, one of which mimics the look of stucco. In fine sand, grooved fine sand, mounded sand, or brushed seagrass finishes, the 48-inch-wide panels come in lengths from 96 to 144 inches, to be installed horizontally or vertically. From about $3.50 per square foot;

Cordless snow cannon: Power+ Auger- Propelled Snow Blower

Power+ Auger-Propelled Snow Blower Courtesy EGO Power+

Leery of battery-powered snow throwers? This one just might convert you. Running off a pair of 56-volt, 71/2-amp-hour batteries, it has enough muscle to clear 8 inches of snow from an average-size driveway. The new auger design plows a 21-inch-wide path while pulling the machine forward, making it easier to use, too. $999;

Energized entryway: M-Pwr Smart Door

-Pwr Smart Door Courtesy Masonite

This sleek entry door comes with an array of LEDs that cast light over the entire entry, once they are wired to your home’s electrical supply. A Ring video doorbell and a Yale smart lock complete the package. A backup battery supply means everything will keep working if the power goes out. From $8,000;

Clutter buster: Base Cabinet Pullout with Knife Block and Utensil Bins

Base Cabinet Pullout with Knife Block and Utensil Bins Courtesy Rev-A-Shelf

Rummaging in a drawer for a loose knife isn’t good for you or the knife. This base cabinet pullout holds up to two knife blocks made of hundreds of plastic fingers that conform to any blade. It also comes with four flexible cutting boards and up to two containers for kitchen tools. From $663;

Convenient dust collection: Wireless Dust Control Adapter and Remote Kit

Wireless Dust Control Adapter and Remote Kit Courtesy Milwaukee Tool

This two-part system adds some smarts to your “dumb” shop vac or dust collector. Plug it into the kit’s adapter and then into an outlet; use the wireless fob to turn the dust sucker on or off from up to 100 feet away. Comes in handy to power the holiday lights while you lounge on the sofa, too. $119;

Open sesame: Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Encode Plus Smart WiFi Deadbolt Courtesy Schlage

Working with Apple HomeKit and the Schlage Home app, this lock lets you open your door with a swipe on your iPhone or Apple Watch. Have friends visiting? They can let themselves in with a numeric code, or you can ask Siri to unlock the door when they arrive. Works with a key as well. $330;

Easier caulking Pro Rodless Caulk Gun 10 Ounce 7:1 Thrust Ratio

Pro Rodless Caulk Gun 10 Ounce 7:1 Thrust Ratio Courtesy OX Tools USA

So long, awkward metal rod: This caulk gun uses a steel belt—similar to a tape measure’s blade—to push caulks and glues out of the tube. It’s easier to use in tight spots, too, especially with a fresh tube. $40;

Innovative modular boards: Hardwood Herringbone Flooring

Hardwood Herringbone Flooring Courtesy Steller Floors

Replacing a single damaged floorboard just got easier. This floating floor system, joined with rigid PVC clips, enables just that. If a board gets scratched or dinged, you can pull it out with a suction-cup device, repair the plank, and put it back—or replace it. Available in several hardwood species, the planks come prefinished on all sides. Install them yourself, or call a pro. About $14 per square foot;

A saw that saves fingers: Compact Table Saw

Compact Table Saw Courtesy Sawstop

Within 5 milliseconds of detecting flesh, this portable saw’s sensor stops its blade and retracts it below the table surface, saving your precious digits. But it’s also a feature-rich saw with a 10-inch blade, a rack-and-pinion fence, and microbevel adjustment. From $899;