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The 5 Best Double-Sided Tapes (2022 Review)

Double-sided tape is a convenient adhesive alternative to glue. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best double-sided tapes on Amazon to help you find the one that’s right for you. The products included in this article are available at various retail stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.

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Whether glue is too messy or nails are too damaging, double-sided tape is a viable alternative for adhering items around your home. It adds to the convenience and versatility of regular duct tape and comes in different lengths, widths, quantities, colors, and more. To help you navigate these options, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the best double-sided tapes on Amazon. Learn more about our top five recommendations below.

Strongest Hold: EZlifego Double-Sided Tape

Made of an acrylic and gel hybrid material, this nearly 10-foot roll of double-sided tape is a practical way to adhere various items with ease. Potential applications include hanging lightweight shelves, picture frames, posters, paintings, and more.

Key Features

  • One 9.85-foot roll
  • Cuttable design
  • Transparent color
  • Meant for smooth surfaces

What Customers Are Saying

Happy customers used this double-sided tape indoors and outdoors. They valued the strength, tackiness, and durability that this roll of tape offered. Ease of use was another highlight in multiple positive reviews. Unhappy customers struggled to get the tape to hold heavy items in place. It also took wall paint with it when customers removed it.

Most Versatile: Bell+Howell Double-Sided Tape

This double-sided tape is a versatile and long-lasting option for your household adhesive needs. It’s two millimeters thick and three centimeters wide, which provides ample surface area coverage. The adhesive material is designed to instantly bond to various surfaces without peeling or curling from temperature or weather changes.

Key Features

  • Three 10-foot rolls
  • Cuttable design
  • Transparent color
  • Meant for smooth surfaces

What Customers Are Saying

Positive feedback for this tape included ease of use, reusability, strength, and versatility. While most customers thought that this double-sided tape was offered at an affordable price, some users struggled to adhere items to certain surfaces, such as brick. Select users also had issues removing the tape.

Best Body Tape: Fearless Tape Double-Sided Tape

This double-sided tape is specifically designed to hold loose or sagging clothing in place without irritating your skin. Whether you have a no-show sock that won’t stay on your foot or a strapless dress that you constantly have to pull up, this tape can help. It’s also safe on various fabrics, as it won’t discolor or dismantle threads.

Key Features

  • 50 three-inch strips
  • Transparent color
  • Meant for fabric and skin

What Customers Are Saying

Most customers, even those with sensitive skin and expensive clothing, had a positive experience using this double-sided tape. They said that it was easy to apply the pre-cut strips. However, some users had issues getting the tape to adhere to sweaty skin. Other customers with long nails had difficulty removing the tape without someone else’s help.

Best Dispenser: Amazon Basics Double-Sided Tape

This dispenser applies a thin line of tape exactly where you need it. Though most of the tape is clear, it has small dots along its surface to guide you during application. Once you’re done using it, you can put the cap back on the dispenser to prevent the tape from unintentionally unraveling.

Key Features

  • One 32-foot roll
  • Rollable design
  • Transparent color
  • Meant for paper

What Customers Are Saying

Positively, customers valued this dispenser because it had a similar design to the familiar correction tape for pen ink mistakes. While most customers thought that the tape was easy to use, some expressed frustration that it didn’t come with instructions. The adhesive also got stuck on several users’ hands.

Best For Woodworking: XFasten Double-Sided Tape

This three-pack offers over 300 feet of double-sided tape that you can cut to your needs. It’s specifically designed for beginner and professional carpenters alike, as it works with various woodworking machines and doesn’t leave residue or peel finish.

Key Features

  • Three 36-yard rolls
  • Cuttable design
  • Yellow color
  • Meant for wood surfaces

What Customers Are Saying

Positively, customers were satisfied with the tackiness of this double-sided woodworking tape. The amount of tape was also suitable for large projects. Negatively, some users found the tape to be soft, which made it difficult to cut to their desired size.

Buyer’s Guide

The best double-sided tape for you primarily depends on what you need to adhere. However, color, width, and other factors are also worth considering. Below, you’ll find more information on these aspects.


Double-sided tapes aren’t created equal, but they all achieve the same basic purpose of adhering one object to another. Here’s a brief overview of the main types of double-sided tape:

  • Acrylic: Most commonly used for industrial purposes, acrylic double-sided tape uses strong chemicals for a permanent bond. Acrylic tape is also useful outdoors, as it’s waterproof.
  • Floor: As the name suggests, you can apply this type of double-sided tape to the floor. It’s an easy way to keep a rug in place on hardwood.
  • Tissue: Tissue tape is akin to standard, light-duty cellophane tape, but it’s double-sided. It’s the most common type of double-sided tape that’s suitable for everyday household use.
  • Polyethylene: Also referred to as foam tape, this type of double-sided tape is thick to provide insulation.


Most double-sided tape can hold between five and 15 pounds, with the strongest holding 15–20 pounds. Double-sided tape isn’t as strong as nails or screws, but you’re sacrificing strength for convenience.


The length of the tape roll must match how much adhesion you need, but the width also matters. Narrow tape sits between two thin objects without being visible. Conversely, wider double-sided tape is useful if you want to cover more surface area using a single strip.


Quality double-sided tape shouldn’t leave a trail of sticky residue behind after you remove it. Some manufacturers may suggest warming the area before removing their tape, which makes it easier to peel it off smoothly in one piece.


If a double-sided tape is fairly easy to remove, it’s probably designed to be washed and reused. This makes buying a roll of tape economical, as you can use one piece multiple times. However, keep in mind that the tape loses some of its adhesion with each application.


Most double-sided tape is clear to blend into different surfaces, but there are colored options. Double-sided woodworking tape, for example, is offered with a yellow or brown backing to match wood finishes.

What To Avoid With Double-Sided Tape

If you’re wondering why your double-sided tape isn’t working as it should, it could be from improper use. Read our list below to see what you’re potentially doing wrong.

  • Choosing the wrong type of double-sided tape: Make sure that the double-sided tape you choose is appropriate for what you want to adhere. For example, don’t use wood tape on painted walls.
  • Applying the tape when it’s too cold: If it’s colder than 65 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ll need to either artificially warm the surface or wait until it gets warmer. Double-sided tape loses its stickiness when it gets too cold.
  • Exposing the tape to sunlight: When you receive your double-sided tape, store it in a dry, dark, and temperature-controlled area. If the tape is in direct sunlight for an extended amount of time, it can lose its adhesive property. The surface that you’re applying the tape to shouldn’t receive direct sunlight either.
  • Applying the tape to a dirty or uneven surface: Most household double-sided tape is meant for smooth, dry, and clean surfaces. Dirt, grease, dust, and other fine particles may interrupt the adhesive barrier between the tape and the surface. Make sure to wipe the area and let it dry before applying double-sided tape.
  • Applying the tape too fast: Since double-sided tape is sticky on both sides, application requires a bit more care. Following instructions carefully and going slowly can ensure a consistent, wrinkle-free application.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply double-sided tape to a wet surface?

While some double-sided tape is water-resistant or waterproof, we recommend applying it to a dry surface. This ensures that water doesn’t obstruct the bond between the tape and the surface.

How can I make double-sided tape easier to remove?

Adding heat with a heat gun or blow dryer can loosen the tape’s adhesive. However, be careful not to position the heating tool too close to the tape, as this could melt it and make it even more difficult to remove.

Why should I use double-sided tape instead of normal tape?

Double-sided tape is ideal when you want to stick two objects together without seeing the tape. Typically, double-sided tape is also stronger than painter’s tape, packing tape, and cellophane tape.

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