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Boost Your Cleaning Power

There’s no denying that power tools get fix-ups done faster than you could by hand. So why not use that same juice to rev up your household tasks? Here, five supercharged power tool cleaning life hacks

Dry Windows

Washing the windows without drying them can leave water spots. Use a leaf blower to clear away leftover droplets for a streak-free shine.

De-gunk Cooking Grates

That extra boost of power from a pressure-washer—as opposed to, say, a hose—means that water can work on its own to cut through built-up dirt and grime, no chemical cleaners or scrubbing needed. Use this power tool cleaning life hack on cast-iron grill or range grates (outdoors, of course).

Scrub Grout

Photo by Wendell T. Webber

A drill/driver with a nylon-bristle brush attachment scours tough stains from tile grout—and can scrub hard-to-reach spots, like around tub fittings, too.

Clean the Tub

Photo by Don Penny/Time Inc. Digital Studio

Fitted with a nonabrasive foam pad—made for applying polish—an orbital sander’s constant motion puts some extra power behind the chemical cleaning of tubs and other large surfaces.

Dust Radiators

A powerful blast from an air compressor can help clear out-of-reach dust from radiators. Keep a vacuum on hand to swiftly gather the gunk, and make sure to wear safety glasses and a dust mask while you work.