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Stop Tool Rust in Its Tracks

Handy products that will help keep your tools corrosion-free

Stop Tool Rust in Its Tracks

Photo by Don Penny/Time Inc. Digital Studio

Here's something any DIYer should know: Rust is alive. "Once rust forms on a tool, it will keep corroding faster and faster," says Dr. Ernest Bernarducci, a vice president at WD-40. Yikes! Clearly, the best defense is keeping the stuff off your prized collection of screwdrivers and saw blades in the first place. We hunted down a few handy products that will help keep your tools corrosion-free.

Stick-on cartridge

Photo by No-Rust Shield

Attach it to the underside of your toolbox's lid and press the activator button. A foam core releases a nongreasy, rust-inhibiting vapor that protects your tools for up to three months. About $15 for a pack of 3; No-Rust Shield


Photo by Bullfrog

Before storing your garden shears and clippers, clean them off with these disposable towelettes—they'll get a coating of a rust-inhibiting chemical that safeguards the metal. About $10 for a pack of 25; Bullfrog


Photo by Zerust

Like the foam in the stick-on cartridge, this cushiony toolbox or drawer liner gives off an odorless vapor that forms a protective film over the metal, shielding it from moisture damage for up to five years. Added bonus: It keeps your tools from sliding around when they're stored. About $11 for a 12-by-72-inch roll; zerust