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Clever Ways to Use Oxi-Clean | Best of the Web

She might not be Billy Mays, but Melissa Maker of Clean My Space (a TOH "Best of the Web" top pick) can really sell the power of Oxi-Clean. Here, Melissa describes some of the surprising ways she uses Oxi-Clean as a pro cleaner

(0:39) Before using it to clean, check that the formula is prepared properly.

Melissa says:

  • Always use hot water for mixing
  • Use enough to keep surface wet
  • Prepare Oxi-Clean solutions only when you need it

(1:18) Melissa uses three different Oxi-Clean mixtures when cleaning around the house. Each task here will specify a type of mixture.

Concentrate: 1 tablespoon Oxi-Clean, 2 tablespoon Water

Soak: ½ cup Oxi-Clean, 1 gal. Water

Spot Clean: 1 tablespoon Oxi-Clean, 1 cup water

(1:50) Greasy Overhead Exhaust Filters


  1. Take out the filter and let it sit in the soak for a minute
  2. Flip it and repeat
  3. Rinse and let it air dry

(2:35) Running Shoes

Spot Clean

  1. Stir the solution with a cleaning toothbrush
  2. Scrub the shoes with a circular motion
  3. Rinse and air dry

(3:10) Upholstery Stains

Spot Clean

  1. Test Oxi-Clean on the surface before cleaning to see if it is safe for the furniture
  2. Brush Oxi-Clean onto the stain
  3. Rinse with Water
  4. Blot with a Paper Towel

(3:34) Toilet, Tub and Tiles

Use Concentrate

  1. Use toothbrush to scrub on grout lines
  2. Also good for cleaning mold off of bathmats
  3. After letting sit for a few minutes, wipe with paper towel

(4:33) Shower Liner


  1. Remove liner from the shower
  2. Let it sit in soak for 10-15 minutes
  3. Rub it down while wearing gloves
  4. Rinse, and let it drip dry

(5:11) Kitchen Tile Grout

Use Concentrate

  1. Apply to grout
  2. Let sit for 15 min
  3. Wipe with damp cloth

(5:35) Kids Toys


  1. No Toys with Electronics
  2. Let toys sit for 5-10 minutes
  3. Hand rinse

(6:13) Pet Stains and Odors

Use Concentrate

  1. Apply with sponge
  2. Rinse with cool water
  3. Dry with paper towel

(6:37) Organic and Recycling (Trash Bin)


  1. Make the mix inside the bin
  2. Scrub with toothbrush
  3. Rinse thoroughly

(7:17) Deck and Patio

Use Spot Cleaner

  1. Spray liberally on a dark area
  2. Let sit for 30 min
  3. Scrub with deck brush

(8:01) Baby Carrier

Spot Clean

  1. Apply with toothbrush to affected surface
  2. Wipe with damp cloth

(8:31) Bathroom Sink

Use Concentrate

  1. Apply to fixtures, and let it sit
  2. Rinse and scrub with toothbrush

(9:06) Carpet Stains

Spot Clean

  1. Blot with paper towel before applying
  2. Apply with toothbrush and scrub
  3. Rinse with clean water after a few minutes
  4. Blot dry
  5. Repeat as needed

For more go to the Clean My Space YouTube channel, a TOH Best of the Web pick.