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"Kids Making It" Builds Their Own Workshop

Our friends at this North Carolina non-profit get started on a new building to expand their vocational training offerings for local kids.

40th-Anniversary Season Premiere | The Jamestown Net-Zero House

This season's project merges old-house charm with futuristic efficiency. Revisit the season premiere as we ramp up for the big renovation reveal

Pro Restoration of Antique Wood Furniture

Pro painter Nick Slavik shows you how to spruce up an antique that is covered in thick shellac

Clever Ways to Use Oxi-Clean | Best of the Web

She might not be Billy Mays, but Melissa Maker of Clean My Space (a TOH "Best of the Web" top pick) can really sell the power of Oxi-Clean. Here, Melissa describes some of the surprising ways she uses Oxi-Clean as a pro cleaner

'Save This Old House' Update 2018

What has happened to some of your favorite 'Save This Old House' homes from 2018? Read on to find out

New Orleans High School Students Build Homes to Learn Skills for Work and Life

unCommon Construction, a non-profit in NOLA, gives students valuable training in the building trades