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Change of Address Checklist: Who To Notify and When

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Default Author Icon Written by Taelor Candiloro Updated 04/24/2024

Relocating to a new home is exciting, but the moving process can be complicated. While you can hire the best moving companies for the physical aspects of your move, you must handle certain tasks on your own, such as notifying others about your change of address. In this article, we’ll provide you with the ultimate change of address checklist to ensure you contact everyone who needs to know your new address. We’ll also share a free printable checklist and moving timeline that you can use to keep your move on track. 

Government Agencies To Notify

Updating your address across the following government agencies ensures that you stay on top of legal obligations, keep your records updated, and guarantee uninterrupted services.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

You can update your mailing address with the USPS in two ways:

  • Online: The most convenient method is through the USPS website, where you can fill out a change of address form at home. This service has a nominal fee and an identity verification process to prevent fraud.
  • In person: If you prefer a traditional approach or lack online access, visit your local USPS office to request a change of address form, fill it out, and submit it. This method is useful if your move has with specific questions or unique circumstances.

You can notify USPS about your change of address 90 days before your move. This lead time allows it to process your request and ensures a seamless transition of mail delivery to your new home. It’s better to be early than late to avoid sending any mail to your old address after you’ve moved.

Although much communication is sent via email, some mail requires a physical address. The USPS will forward mail to your new home to prevent the loss of important letters, bills, or subscriptions.

Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Notify the DMV of your new address to update your driver’s license, ID card, and vehicle registration. The updating process depends on whether you’re staying within the same state or moving to a different state.

  • Same-state moves: Many states allow you to update your address online. Alternatively, you can visit a local DMV office to complete the necessary forms.
  • Interstate moves: You’ll need to register with the DMV in your new state, which typically involves getting a new driver’s license and vehicle registration. Online options may not be available for out-of-state moves, so you must visit your new DMV office. Many states require you to update your address within a set period after establishing residency, often 30 days.

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Notify the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of your new address for tax purposes and to safeguard against potential fraud. Depending on your preferences and circumstances, there are several methods to update your address with the IRS.

  • By phone: You can call the IRS to change your address. For verification purposes, be prepared with your full name, Social Security number, old and new addresses, and date of birth.
  • By mail: You can send a signed written statement to the IRS. This statement should include your full name, Social Security number, old and new addresses, and date of birth.
  • Using Form 8822: The IRS provides Form 8822 for address changes, which can be completed and mailed to the IRS. This is also useful if you need to update a business address using Form 8822-B.
  • When filing your tax return: You can notify the IRS of your address change when filing your next tax return. Don’t rely solely on this method if you expect IRS communications before your next tax filing.

Notify the IRS when you know your new address, especially if you expect tax refunds or other communications. Updating your address can also help to prevent tax fraud. Sensitive documents could end up in the wrong hands if the IRS has outdated address information, making you vulnerable to identity theft.

Social Security Administration (SSA)

If you receive Social Security or Medicare benefits, notify the Social Security Administration (SSA) of your address change so that you can continue receiving benefits and SSA communications without interruption. There are two convenient ways to update your address with the SSA:

  • Online: The simplest method is updating your address information through the MySSA online portal. Setting up an account is easy if you don’t already have one. This account lets you change your address and provides access to other services and information related to your Social Security benefits.
  • By phone: If you prefer speaking with someone directly or don’t have internet access, call the SSA office to update your address. Be prepared to provide identification details for verification, such as your Social Security number.

This process may include additional steps if you receive Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Contact your local SSA office for further guidance.

Voter Registration

Updating your voter registration allows you to participate in upcoming political processes. Your voter registration must reflect your current address so you can vote in local elections. There are several ways to update your voter registration:

  • Online: Many states offer the convenient option of updating voter registration online. You can do so through your state’s election board website.
  • By mail: You can update your voter registration by mailing the appropriate forms to your state or local election office. Forms are often available online for download.
  • In person: You can sometimes update your registration at various state or local government offices, including the DMV, public assistance offices, or military recruitment centers.
Be aware of voter registration deadlines in your new state or locality. These deadlines vary and will impact your eligibility to vote in upcoming elections. Update your voter registration as soon as you move to a new permanent address.

Veterans Affairs

Military veterans should update their addresses with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to continue receiving benefits and important VA correspondence. Veterans have a few options for updating their addresses:

  • Online: The VA provides an online platform for updating your address, which is often the fastest and most convenient method.
  • By phone or in person: If you prefer a more personal approach or need additional assistance, update your address by contacting or visiting a local VA office. Ask about additional services or benefits you may become eligible for.

Not all of your VA benefits automatically update with your new address. Contact some entities directly, such as those for education, home loans, life insurance benefits, the Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Department of Veterans Affairs (CHAMPVA), and the Foreign Medical Program (FMP).

Financial Service Providers To Notify

Keeping your address updated across all financial services helps to maintain financial health and security. Ensuring that banks, investment services, loan issuers, and credit card companies have your correct address is important for fraud prevention, communication of important information, and legal compliance. Check that your preferred bank has branches near the new home so you can access all needed services.

Below, we’ll discuss how to update your address with important financial institutions.

Banks and Investment Services

Financial institutions need your current address to monitor and protect against unauthorized transactions and to send you information regarding your accounts, investments, and changes in terms and conditions.

You can update your address with banks and investment services in three different ways:

  • Online: Most banks and investment services offer an option to update your personal details, including your address, through online banking platforms or mobile apps. You can complete the form in just a few minutes.
  • By phone or in person: If you prefer a personal approach or the bank requires it, contact your bank or investment service provider by calling or visiting a local branch.
  • By mail: These institutions may have official change of address forms you can fill out and mail in. You should get these from their websites, by email, or at an office.

For joint accounts, ensure that all parties involved are aware of the address change.

Loan Issuers

Updating loan providers with your new address maintains transparency and continuity in your financial obligations. Many loan providers offer online platforms where you can manage account details, including your address. Contact the loan provider’s customer service over the phone or in person, depending on the lender’s operations.

Remember to update your address with all loan issuers, including those providing mortgage, personal, student, and car loans. Keep a record of your communication with loan issuers regarding your address change in case of a dispute.

Credit Card Companies

Ensure credit card companies have an up-to-date address so you receive statements, billing details, new cards, and sensitive documents on time. Credit card providers also use your location to monitor unusual transaction activity, so keeping your address current allows for more effective fraud detection.

Most credit card companies offer the option to update personal details, including your address, via their online platforms. This approach is typically the most straightforward since it doesn’t require contacting customer service directly. Once you’ve updated your address, watch for a confirmation email or a letter verifying the change has been acknowledged. Customer service should be available to help with any concerns.


Keep your accountant in the loop about your address change so they can support your financial planning and investment strategies. They’ll need your current address to file taxes accurately, maximize deductions, and adhere to state and federal tax regulations.

The easiest way to update your address with your accountant is through direct communication, whether by phone or email. However, if you need to discuss delicate financial data, you might prefer a face-to-face meeting to ensure that communication channels are secure. Update the address with your accountant before making major financial decisions or hitting tax deadlines.

Utility Providers To Notify

You’ll need to set up essential utilities for a comfortable new home. Depending on your move distance, this may mean creating new accounts or updating current utility providers with your new address to ensure they provide services to your new location.

Gas, Electricity, Water, Garbage, and Sewage

Ensure that essential utilities, such as gas, electricity, water, garbage, and sewage, are active and that the utility company sends bills to your new home.

Many utility providers offer online platforms where you can update your address and manage an account. Another reliable method is to contact each utility provider directly through a customer service line to ask any service-specific questions.

Reach out to utility providers as early as possible, preferably a few weeks before your move, to activate services before you move in. If you’re moving locally, ask whether you can transfer services from your old address or if you need to set up a new account. If you’re moving out of the service area, request final readings of your utilities to ensure accurate billing.

Internet, Cable, and Phone

Update your address with internet, cable, and phone companies to maintain connectivity and avoid service interruptions. Most service providers offer an online option to update your address through your account on the provider’s website or mobile app.
Alternatively, you can call each provider’s customer service line. Speaking with a representative can inform you about any service changes or promotions in your new location. If you bundle services such as internet, cable, and phone, updating your address for one may automatically update it for all of them—but confirm this directly with your provider.
If new installation or equipment setup is needed, schedule these appointments in advance to avoid delays in service availability.

Home Security Service

Moving to a new home means a new environment to secure. Whether transferring your existing system or setting up a new one, ensure that home security is operational as soon as you move in. Your security needs might change with your move. Informing your provider allows them to offer solutions tailored to your new residence.

Contact your home security service provider before your move so you have time to make installation arrangements. You can do this online or by phone, depending on the company.

Insurance Providers To Notify

Keeping your insurance providers informed about an address change ensures continuous coverage. Those moving to another state should verify if their insurance policies will remain valid in their new location. We’ll cover how to update your address with health, dental, life, car, and homeowners or renters insurance.

Health, Dental, and Life Insurance

Keep your address updated with health, dental, and life insurance providers to avoid coverage gaps. An incorrect address can lead to issues with claims or policy renewals. Changing your address also ensures that insurance companies send bills to the right place.
Most providers offer an online portal to update personal details, including your address. If you’re moving to a different state or region, check if your current insurance is still valid in the new area—especially for health insurance, which can have location-specific coverage.

Car Insurance

Auto insurance rates and coverage needs vary widely based on location. Update your address to ensure the policy stays current and coverage reflects your current location. Call your insurer or visit its website and log into a personal account to update your address.
Different states have their own car insurance requirements, and updating an address helps you comply with your new location’s regulations. Changing an address might positively or negatively influence your auto insurance premiums.

Homeowners or Renters Insurance

Notify your homeowners or renters insurance provider about your new address as soon as possible to insure your new home and prevent coverage gaps. Depending on the company, this can be done online or over the phone.

People and Animal Care Providers To Notify

Moving to a new address involves updating those in your personal and pet care network. Maintain seamless care for you, your kids, and your pets by updating professional and emergency contacts and keeping medical and veterinary providers in the loop.


Notifying employers of your change of address keeps professional records, payroll, and emergency contact information up to date. Your employer needs your current address on file in case of an emergency or any situation in which they need to contact you or your family.

Many companies have an online portal where employees can update these personal details. Some employers may require a formal letter or a specific form to process address changes.

Doctors, Dentists, and Other Medical Providers

Medical providers need your current address to keep medical records up to date and for appointment reminders, emergency contact purposes, and follow-up care. Inform your healthcare providers of your address change during your next visit or by calling their office. Some medical providers have a patient portal where you can edit personal information to include an updated address.

Ensure that your healthcare providers have the latest information if your insurance coverage changes following the move.


Your lawyer must have current contact information for estate planning, ongoing cases, and general legal correspondence.

You can call their office or send an email or letter specifying your new address and the effective date of the change. If your legal firm uses online portals for document sharing and communication, update your address there as well.


Keep your veterinarian informed of your new address to maintain accurate pet health records. You can update your address with the veterinarian during your pet’s next appointment or call their office to avoid missing any mailings.

If your pet is microchipped, update the microchip registry as soon as possible. If your pet gets lost in your new neighborhood, someone who finds the pet will be able to notify you.

School and Child Care Providers

Schools and day care centers rely on accurate addresses to send notices and report cards and reach you in emergencies. Here’s a list to help you cover all the bases:

  • Do it in writing. Inform schools and day care providers of your new address through an email or a formal letter. Include your child’s full name, any identification or student number they may have, and the effective date of the address change.
  • Update transportation services. It’s important to update any transportation services the school or day care provides, such as school bus options. They’ll need to know your new address to arrange pickup and drop-off.
  • Transfer records. If your move involves changing schools or day care facilities, provide consent for the transfer of records from the current school or day care to the new one. This process may require specific forms, so ask about these well in advance.
Keeping schools and day care providers fully informed helps maintain the safety and well-being of your child. Update them with new phone numbers, emergency contacts, or medical information.

Online Services To Notify

Adjusting to your new home includes updating your address on online profiles, from shopping sites to streaming and payment services. There’s a checklist below to help you navigate this process to keep data secure and personalize your online experiences.

Retail Websites

Amazon and other online retailers often save customers’ addresses for convenience. Though it’s easy to forget to update them when you move, this proactive step can prevent an order from shipping to your old address.

Log into any frequently used online retail website or platform and update your billing and shipping address in your account or profile settings. Ensure that the correct delivery address applies to any pending orders.

Streaming Services

Update your address on all streaming platforms to access location-specific content. For instance, Netflix might ask you to define a home location for household account consistency. Correcting your billing address can prevent failed payments and gaps in content access.

To change an address, log into each service and visit your account or profile settings, where you can update address details.

Payment Services

Services such as Venmo and PayPal may use your address to verify your account and check for suspicious transactions. Log into each payment service app and navigate to the account or profile settings to update your address.

Membership Providers To Notify

Update memberships across different organizations and services to keep receiving location-relevant benefits and information. Whether you’re involved with a retail club, religious group, or gym, the following memberships impact your daily routine and must be updated with your new address.

Retail Clubs and Rewards Programs

Update your address with retail clubs, such as Costco or Sam’s Club, and other rewards programs to maintain membership benefits.

Most retail clubs allow you to update personal information such as your address on their websites. Log into your member account and make the necessary changes in the account settings or profile section. Or, go to the customer service desk at the store the next time you visit and ask them to update your address.

Religious Institutions

Keep your address updated with religious institutions to stay informed about community events and communications. Inform them in person the next time you’re at a service or via email, online contact form, or phone call.

Magazines and Subscription Services

Magazines, monthly subscription boxes, and other physical, subscription-based services need an up-to-date address to send your subscription products without delay or interruption.

Subscription services typically provide an online method to update account details, including your current address. Log into each service’s website or app and change your account or profile settings. For additional help, contact their customer service teams via phone, email, or online chat feature.

Gym and Fitness Memberships

Updating your address with the gym keeps you informed about new classes, equipment updates, membership benefits, and changes in operating hours. A current address can also unlock location-specific perks such as branch-exclusive classes or regional promotions.

To update your address, inform the gym in person or by phone during your next visit. If your gym offers an online member portal, log in and adjust your address in the account or profile settings.

Other People To Notify

Settling into your new home means updating everyone, from business associates to friends and family. Below, we’ve listed out all the important contacts to update.

Business Associates

Updating your address with business associates is key for professional correspondence and networking. A formal email is a quick, efficient way to update business associates. You might send a general announcement and blind carbon copy business contacts or send personalized emails to individuals in your network.
Post an update about your move or consider updating contact information on professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn and business communication tools such as Slack and Microsoft Teams.
Update the address in your email signature if it includes your location. Also, print new business cards if you need them to include your updated address.

Close Friends and Family

Sharing an updated address ensures that friends and family can send mail or packages and visit you. Notify them through a phone call or text for a personal touch or via email or direct message for a broader announcement.

If you’re planning a housewarming party, mailing an announcement card with your new address can also serve this purpose.

Old and New Neighbors

Informing both your old and new neighbors about your moving plans is a thoughtful act that nurtures community spirit and goodwill. The most personal way to share the news is to opt for an in-person conversation.

For old neighbors, this is a chance to say goodbye and share your new address for future contact. For new neighbors, it’s an opportunity to introduce yourself. Leaving a friendly note is a considerate alternative. Exchanging contact information can enhance safety and foster a supportive network with trusted neighbors.

Smart Home Apps

Smart home apps, which can control everything from security systems to lighting and thermostats, use your home address to offer tailored services. Updating your address in these apps is essential so they continue providing convenience and security after a move. To update your address, navigate to the settings section of each app and edit your address.

Map and Transportation Apps

Transportation apps, such as Uber, Lyft, and Google Maps, use your home address to offer pickup and destination locations, commute times, traffic updates, and local weather forecasts. Having your current home address in these apps allows for accurate and quick navigation, especially when you need directions to your new home.

In most map apps, you can update your home address in the app’s settings. Look for options like “your places,” “saved places,” or “home,” and enter your new address.

Completing Your Moving To-Do List

Remember to update your address when planning a move to maintain continuity in services and relationships. By following our checklist, you can rest assured that your mail, essential services, and connections move with you. Keep this guide handy to gain peace of mind and to ensure that the important entities in your life stay in the know.