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This Home Organization App Helps You Tackle Home Repairs

Ask This Old House home technology expert Ross Trethewey gives an update on an app that helps you tackle home maintenance and home repair issues.


  1. Download the HomeServe app from the App Store, GooglePlay, or via text message through their website.
  2. Scan the name plates on appliances in your home. You can usually find the name plate underneath or inside each appliance.
  3. The app will automatically download all relevant information, manuals, and warranty information.
  4. If an appliance experiences a malfunction, open that appliance in the app to learn some information about it to determine next steps.
  • The replacement parts list will list all the different replacement parts available for sale for the appliance and how much they cost.
  • It also lists the “useful life” of the appliance, so if the appliance is only expected to last a few more years and the replacement parts required to fix it are expensive, it might be worth replacing over repairing.


Ross recapped the home organization app HomeServe, which is available for download on the App Store, GooglePlay, and via text message through their website.